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Insight Therapies, LLC

Stop Violence and Bullying and End the Harmful Effects of Stress

A Curriculum for Non-Violent Living

Inclusive Program designed to offer everything you need 

Brief Therapy Resolution (BTR) PractitionerPro® is one program that gives you expansive training for your participants. Dive deep and discover a program that provides you with: Health Promotion, Anti-Bullying, Coping with Explosive Behavior, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness and Anger Management.


Stress Management, Health Promotion, Violence prevention, coming together: Programs creating healthier communities.

How it Works

Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® is a cognitive-behavioral intervention that works to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behavior. The program is created by the most powerful evidence-based care practices on the planet. Modalities include: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Reality Therapy (RT) stress management, mindfulness, executive function skill building, communication and social-skill training, and activities delivered by an easy–to-do, self-regulated style management care.

The program provides evidence-based care interventions for a participant's life that actively change the responses to stressors as well as gain healthy communication skills, life skills, and social skills. 

The program offers a strategy developed by our founder Martha Watson, PhD.  Unique to other programs, PractitionerPro® brings forth skill training combined with therapeutic care delivered by a method that is permissible for all status of leaders in professional trade that work with community care.

Finally One Program – Enhancing the adjunct faculty orientation in training supplements in management techniques

A Curriculum for Non-Violent living consists of effective strategies to match all of your needs. The curriculum program is flexible and inclusive to be adaptable for diversified needs and ongoing training ready-to-use skill sets.

BTR is versatile, adaptable for special needs, hearing impaired, parenting programs, and multi-purpose treatment care. Selecting an expansive program to reach all areas for intervention, prevention and rehabilitation is probably the most essential element in selecting an effective classroom - healing care facility program.

BTR offers you a unique program for all levels, ages, and diversified profile targets (predator, aggressor, and bystander).  Run a complete program for ages 6 yrs old to adult, select one segment focus, or be prepared for all needs of behavior difficulties. The opportunities for implementation are endless.

The Evidence Is Coming Forward

Evidence is clear ... The discovery is not surprising to learn with increased violence in communities that the opposite result to present  bullying prevention programs can help protect kids from repeated harassment or physical and emotional attacks when they do precisely the opposite.

A research implied that future programs might center on more seasoned strategies rather than merely applications of bullying prevention programs. "The students who are victimizing their peers have learned the language from these anti-bullying campaigns and programs," stated by Seokjin Jeong, the assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at UT Arlington and  author of the analysis, that was published in the Journal of Criminology.

Message from Our Founder: Martha Watson, PhD

" It's time to stop thinking that an idealism of violence prevention, intervention and anti-bullying program's work.  Let’s start teaching skills that develop healthy lifestyles and wisdom through a method built on education and empowerment to allow individuals to think for themselves and create healthier families and communities."

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