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Insight Therapies, LLC

Implementation Cost Information

Even though the PractitionerPro® programs are designed to be very user-friendly, personalized training is available. Staff Training and Consulting is available to help blend the syllabuses into mission statements, support programs, and existing programs.


This early support and feedback will ensure your programs are delivered successfully. Allow a tailored focus to fit your needs to increase your program success.  Consultation Fee: $175/hour


Group leaders, teachers, and professionals achieve certification to foster fidelity by ensuring optimal outcomes. Please call for Individual and Group Certification and Licensing information on pricing.


Licensing restrictions enforced, capability of digital file implementation is strictly confided to client-centered approach, and not resale or public promotion. Software, kits, and content is licensed not sold.

Additional Optional Training and Staff Development Consultations are available.

The model for training of trainers consists of:

  1. Establishment of PractitionerPro® Training (Client Purchase/ Buy-In)
  2. Participants get a brief outline review of curriculum elements. What to expect, learning as the trainees become students by fun interactive style.
  3. Training is led by a Demonstration experiential run-through of the program (trainees' role-play students). Goal target is a student’s viewpoint, perspective to be experienced.
  4. An Individual Action Plan will be developed for integration into your existing  programs, individual and/or group. 


Participants will gain confidence and become competent to implement the program. We aim to offer full support and go outside the box to fit your needs.

Instructor Fee Cost

In person at your location (intended for up to 50 trainees)

$2500.00 per day, plus expenses or $1250.00 per half-day, plus expenses.

Teleconference (intended for up to 25 trainees)

$2500.00 per day, or $1250.00 per half-day. Audio recording will be available by terms of use restrictions.

Staff Training

Staff Training support is available for Home-study Certification courses, Please call for more information.

Student Tutoring Available

Individual tutoring is available. Please call for more information. You may request 30, 60 or 90-minute consult rates or packages.

Average Consulting rate of $175.00 per hour.

Contract agreements are available.

Additional Fees apply for material fee’s. Please ask for more information.

Thank you for your interest!

For More Information, Call (814) 662 - 5338

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