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Coping with Explosive Behavior - Special Needs
Trainer Specialist DVD/CD Program KIT with Child, Teen and Adult Curriculum

Special Needs Toolkit

Coping With

Explosive Behavior &   Anti-Bullying Toolkit


Finally, an effective presentation for special needs for coping with explosive behavior through a secret inside DVD/CD control. 

Special Needs Anti-Bullying/Coping with Explosive Behavior Trainer Specialist DVD/CD Program KIT with Child, Teen and Adult Curriculum.

Product Description: Special Needs - Coping With Explosive BEHAVIOR


Managers Package and Kit 

Managers Package: anti-bullying video, video discussions for all ages, teacher/trainer resources, student handouts, parent handouts and pre/post tests, quizzes, self-assessments, teaching aides, exercises, worksheets and games, resource guide for students, parents, and professionals.

Special Needs Workshop Kit includes: Children, Teen, and Adult Program Teaching Aides, Handouts, Workbooks, and SELF-REGULATING SKILL BUILDING exercises, and activities.

Workshops included in kit:

Children - (Children, 6 to 10 yrs. old) 10 skill sets, 60 minutes each

Teen - 1 day workshop 60 minutes   

Adult - 1 day workshop, 6 hours or 2 half days, each 3 hours

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Run a Program for a selected age, or select the full program!

Disabilities or special health needs have a double drawback of disability and of bullying.


The bullying might occur by physical abuse, such as hitting or shoving, as well as "relational" bullying, emotional abuse by name-calling or being left out. Coping with explosive behavior and the high risk of bullying is not just serious; it can mean - violence, life or death. 

Special Needs Toolkit: The Importance of Coping with Explosive Behavior

Anger and meltdowns are typical for many individuals with special needs. The dominant reasons for these outbursts contain incapability to executive function and communication skills, slow processing, poor memory - executive skills, and/or physical – emotional limitations (including deaf, hearing impaired, mute, paralysis, etc.)

Children with special needs have more severe behavioral problems. Compound these challenges with stress of bullying, and you get a dangerous cocktail.

Child, Teen and Adult Special Needs Curriculum get a framework, A thru Z step-by-step program guide, instructional ways to prompt self-regulated care, social and life skills by evidence-based modalities targeted for special needs.

The kit offers skill lessons to prompt executive skills, language processing, emotion regulation, cognitive flexibility, and social skills. Without these necessary skills, it can seriously hinder a special needs individual's ability to tolerate frustration and solve problems.

Focus of the program offers anti-bullying combined with important special needs coping skills trainer resources. The trainer by resources is shown by a program outline how to disengage limiting factors of disabilities (STRESS), prompting self-regulating care, coping strategies for individuals while also helping parents and other caregivers handle conflicts more successfully.

This program is valuable for your community members and dual purpose to HELP PARENTS by receiving resources and handouts.

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