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Insight Therapies, LLC

DVD/Video Assisted Programs: "The Happy Frog" video for children, teens and adults. Product Description: Brief Therapy Resolution (BTR), PractitionerPro® contains Character Education, an  Anti-Bullying program curriculum for non-violent living. The curriculum presentation originates around our Anti-Bullying video with additional resources of handouts, training resources, and activities called BTR Program Managers Package.The Program Managers package expands in delivery applications by three approaches; self-help worksheets, education and mindfulness worksheets. 

         "The Happy Frog", Whisper To Me Softly© (Series) 

            Brief Therapy Resolution (BTR) PractitionerPro®

The Storytellers: The ancient Greeks cherished stories. Throughout the Grecian Dark Ages, storytelling was popular. Professional storytellers ventured from town to town, maintaining prestigious positions in the community with their intriguing tales. Wherever they traveled they would tell the same stories over and over, in particular one special type of storytelling called fables. The Whisper To Me Softly© series authored by Dr. Martha Watson, published by Personal Growth Management Inc., is crafted in this proud, time-honored tradition. A fable is known as a story that ends with a lesson that should be learned. Dr. Martha, the innovator of the “Whisper to Me Softly©” series provides BTR PractitionerPro® educational curriculum, healthcare services, and behavioral modification skills for individual and community needs through a healthcare education learning style. Her revolutionary style skill is called ‘Therapy Resolution', a critical science application to healthcare.


The Happy Frog


The topic of bullying and how to prevent it has risen to national prominence.  Dr. Martha Watson has taken a leading role in addressing the problem, and has created a healthcare education program of combined presentation of DVD, audio books and interactional workshop including resources for educators, parents, professionals and community members. ‘Storytelling’ Fables are designed for children, teenagers and adults.  The workshops teach important life lessons, focusing on the inherent value and dignity of every human being.

The program provides a model for empowerment, growth and self-esteem. Unique to other anti-bullying programs this series utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, brief therapy, self-regulating skills, imperative executive function skill building tools, and teaches healthy communication dialogue, life skills, and provides resources for individuals, parents and leaders with training aides for in-person skill building and communicative applications of digital technology for audiences.(computers, smart phones, iPad’s, etc) BTR, PractitionerPro® encompasses all skill levels including areas of special needs, visually impaired and resources for the deaf/hearing impaired and for those who cannot understand the spoken dialogue, or who have accent recognition problems.  Moreover, they are age appropriate.  Entitled “The Happy Frog” one series is for children ten and under, while the second series is for kids aged eleven and older including viewing pleasure for adults.

For both young and teenage children, coloring book, crossword puzzle and play workshops help make the program a fun and memorable experience.  For older kids and adults, the story (again presented as a fable) provides them with a keen sense of the power of words and how what they say and what they hear can shape their self-perception and personality. All areas of prevention, intervention and recovery simultaneously are addresses through “The Happy Frog” Whisper To Me Softly Series© Brief Therapy Resolution, BTR, PractitionerPro®

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