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Insight Therapies, LLC

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S t r e s s  R e l i e f,  B r e a t h i n g

E x e r c i s e s  &  M i n d f u l n e s s

Classes & Private Sessions

Classes will introduce you to stress relief, deep breathing and mindfulness exercises you can do to relax.

Each class will teach:

  • How to do Stress Relief, Deep Breathing - Mindfulness Exercises
  • Making Mindfulness Living Part of Your Day
  • How to Reduce Negative Effects of Stress
  • How the Mind/Body Reacts to Stress

Classes are Organized by Focus Groups:
  • How to Stay Calm
  • Eliminate Emotional Triggers
  • Improve Breathing, Better Sleep, Focused Thought, Improved Memory
  • Breathing for Relaxation in Recovery
  • Reduce Risk of Relapse from Substance Abuse & Depression
  • Stop Anxiety, ADD/ADHD & Stress
  • Lower Blood Pressure & Alleviate Emotional & Physical Symptoms
  • Cope with Pain, Trauma, Grief & Loss
  • Beat Insomnia, Reduce Sleep Apnea Symptoms
  • Prevent Postpartum Depression (PPD), Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Reduce High Cholesterol, Stop Fatigue & Manage Diabetes
For scheduling or if you have questions, please call:
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