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“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” Lao Tzu

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                                               Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings (814) 662 - 5338
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High-Conflict Resolution | Parenting

Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings
Offerings for: Individuals, Couples, Executives &  Healthcare Physicians and Surgeons
Family | Divorce | Relationships
  • Are you facing high-conflict in your marriage and don’t know where to turn?
  • Would you prefer to stay together, or are you facing a high-conflict divorce?
  • Would you like to improve your relationship but don’t know how?
  • Are your children out-of-control?
          Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings
  Court Ordered | Employee |  Personal Growth
  • Do you need to enroll in an Anger Management Class to save your job?
  • Looking for a Court order Anger Management Evaluation?
  • Are you a physician or surgeon reported for disruptive behavior?
  • Are you looking not to repeat a pattern in your family?

High-Conflict relationships: Couples & Individuals
Marital Mediation, learn skills to help you Stay Married
Divorce Coach, Custody Coach high-conflict
Divorce Process Coaching focused care for well-being of the entire family
Anger Management Classes & Evaluations (court ordered, employee & personal growth)
Physician Disruptive Behavior Specialist

Anger Management Class, Classes recognized by all courts

Insight Therapies LLC anger management programs are led by a PhD, CAMS-II, and Distinguished Diplomate of NAMA – Certified Anger Management Specialist recognized nationally (in all 50 USA states, courts & employers) and 18 international countries | AE (armed forces in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Canada) | US Military Service BAHRAIN | BERMUDA | BRAZIL | CANADA | CHINA | CURACAO | GEORGIA | GREECE | JAPAN|  ISRAEL | ITALY | MEXICO | NEW ZEALAND | NIGERIA | PUERTO RICO | TURKEY | SINGAPORE  UK

Erie, PA 16501, USA
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Martha Watson, PhD 


“Dr. Martha is a pioneer of a science approach in healthcare creating Mindful Living Communities of the 21st Century”

Health & Wellness

Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings

Offerings for: Individuals, Family & Modern Families

Emotional Health
  • Do You Suffer from Stress, Anxiety-Panic Attacks
  • Want to learn how to achieve mindfulness living?
  • Looking to recover from emotional, physical abuse, violence, grief or environmental disaster?
  • Want to make your life easier caring for your elderly parent?
  • Has your parent become your mid-life crises?
  • Are you part of the rise of multi-parenting? (raising a child with more than two legal parents)
  • Are you experiencing a blended family? (a family that includes children of a previous marriage of one spouse or both).
Psychosomatic Mind/Body Disorder Expert
  • Do you have Respiratory Breathing Problems or COPD?
  • Are you or loved one facing heart transplant surgery? 
  • Are you a Mom, caretaker with a child that suffers from ADD-ADHD?
  • Are you high-risk pregnancy Experiencing high-blood pressure, diabetes, IBS, headaches, pain, or fatigue?
  • Have you been diagnosed with serious life threatening disease or illness?
Spiritual Growth
  • Are you looking for personal-spiritual growth?
  • Are you or you’re loved at end-of life?
  • Are you looking for Spiritual Healing?
  • Want to dive deep into intuition?
  • Looking for a Spiritual Teacher or Mentor?

Psychosomatic Medicine: 
connection of the mind, body and spirit. Expertise: Stress Management, Mindfulness Living, Panic Anxiety Attacks, ADD ADHD coaching, memory enhancement, Mind/Body combating disease and illness, hardships in life.
Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings
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Dr. Martha is the founder of PractitionerPro®, and is a renowned Diplomat of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), Bullying Expert, Stress & Psychosomatic Mind/Body Disorder Expert, Marriage Mediator, Divorce Coach, Civility Digital Media Program Provider, and anti-violence intervention curriculum author.

She passionately offers support to individuals that encompass care for the whole family unit. Typically high-conflict experiences endure psychosomatic difficulties in life. Dr. Martha’s expertise surmounts to aide relief in high-conflict challenges in life and emotional & physical distress.
She is the author of psychoeducation for children, teens and adults. This includes Evidence-based practice (EBP) strategies through a systemic methodology which is an interdisciplinary approach to clinical practice. Dr. Martha instituted new therapeutic skills and programs for prevention and intervention of violence, anti-bullying, parenting and special needs. Dr. Martha’s publishing company, Personal Growth Management Inc., is publisher of psychoeducation activities, programs, therapist worksheet aid’s, civility digital media employee platforms, and offers professional training and products. (Anti-Violence, Bullying, Stress Reduction, emotional intelligence, anger management curriculum programs: criminal justice & behavioral health) 

                                                 Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings

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Management for your employees or working in referral partnership available. Call to learn more.(814) 662 - 5338.

We are the experts to help you manage your emotions, find coping skills and connect you with a powerful healing force in life, called empowerment – you.

Divorce | Child Custody Coach - Coaching | Collaborative Practice | Mediation | Collabroative DIvorce Coach
    Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings (814) 662 - 5338            

Dr. Martha offers you areas of expertise that exhibit advanced specialized knowledge of human behavior, relation and problem-solving skills, strong conflict resolution and health expertise, stress management expertise, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and skilled support for goal planning, objectives, and endurances of high-stress experiences.

Support for individuals & couples in all areas when facing difficulties in their relationships and family units.
While moving through divorce or a custody fight you need Dr. Martha as your coach to give you the knowledge and advantage to weather-the-storm. Realizing the cost of legal fees, you can’t afford not to have help, even if you are working with mediators. A Divorce/Child Custody Coach is a must!

High Conflict People in Legal Disputes

Support while you face divorce and services to help you with resolution. Collaborative Divorce Coach  Learn More
Mediator - Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. Hire a neutral party to facilitate a productive outcome.

Marital Mediation (also known as Mediation to Stay Married) is helpful for couples who want to stay married, or if not married, to stay living together. Couples find a resolution to work through their issues in a constructive way.

Anger Management Assessment & Classes

Anger Management Specialist

Anger Management Assessment Testing | Court Ordered | Employee | Personal Growth

Controlling Anger — Before It Controls You
    Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings (814) 662 - 5338 
Dr Martha provides a cognitive-behavioral and psycho-educational approach to help individuals better manage anger.

 Dr. Martha Watson offers Anger Management Court Ordered Assessments, Employee Ordered Anger Management Assessments, and Anger Management Classes.

Parenting Support
Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings (814) 662 - 5338
Individual and Group Offerings Parenting Consulting, Coaching & Coordination
Skills for High-Conflict Families and Health Promotion 
Intervention  Is your high-conflict relationship affecting your children? 

Are You, Your Children, Grandchildren facing hardships, problems coping with multiple family structures? 

 Are your children out-of-control?

Prevention: Would you Like to Learn How to Build a Healthy Foundation For Your Children? 

Looking for Tips to help you in Modern Family Living?

Anxiety Coach |  Stress Expertise |  Stress Management           Fee
Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings (814) 662 - 5338
Often this service is identified as Palliative Care 

Anxiety Coach - Is anxiety and panic attacks stopping your life? Learn More

Would you like relief? We teach you a proven method to reduce symptoms.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Education relaxation can help you to ease and interrupt symptoms. You learn how to work with body mechanics, relaxation skills and techniques to help you breathe easier. You gain awareness of how to off-set symptoms, stop the stress cycle, and stop setbacks. Breathe better, increase energy, and regain life! Learn More
Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques. The approach is drug free,   

safe, effective, and clinically validated. Learn More

Heart Transplant Cardiac Rehabilitation - Specialty Care Proven by research to help you recover Learn More

Online Mindfulness Living Program. Quick Glance View Here
Health Coaching & Consulting                                        Learn More              Fees
Individual & Family Services. Erie, PA & Telehealth offerings (814) 662 - 5338
Other common name(s): Integrative Medicine and Wellness, holistic health, holistic care, wholistic health, holism
Integrative Medicine is Holistic Health Coaching & Consulting that is a gentle technique of deepening self-awareness, personal growth and healing. Coaching is an alternative from psychotherapy counseling that focuses, all in all, a person (mind, body, spirit & self) and health through applications in science. Dr. Martha translates what's going on in the laboratory to the real world - Health & Performance to the Brain, delivering evidence-based methods. We offer expertise in Behavior Sciences, expertise in understanding human behavior, a skill-building science approach to Behavior Healthcare. The goal is growth of the whole person by teaching you skills proven to work. Blend Mind, Body & Soul through Insight Therapies LLC.
Research recognizes a skills-building approach is more effective than assistive-traditional counseling.

In-Person Health Coach

Certified Healthcare Specialist with over 20 years of expertise

Power of Science and Healing 

Recently and thankfully this practice has been more accepted because of research and documentary to support care outside of traditional methods.

Worry, doubt and fear are traumatic when facing serious, chronic and life-threatening disease, and near-death experiences.  Dr. Martha assists as a Health Specialist through two client care packages:

  1. Patient care direct
  2. Mothers, families dealing with a sick or beloved family members illness disease, grief or bereavement. Dr. Martha offers expertise to help cope, reduce symptoms, and stimulate healing through applications of behavior science, health sciences, behavioral medicine, psychophysiology, combined with holistic care, healing for your mind, body and spirit. *Please note: care is extraordinary to help Mother-Child relationships. Through science a mother can learn how to reduce pain, behavioral disorders, lessen symptoms for her child. If you are a mother and have a child suffering with chronic pain, stress disorders, (ADD-ADHD), behavioral disorders, Please call to learn simple techniques, evidence-based practices documented by research, proven to work!

Read More

Healing for Children through Mothers electromagnetic fields.

Who is this for? Mothers of children with chronic pain, serious/life threatening/terminal Illness and disease, disorders, disabilities. Including mothers-to-be with high-risk pregnancies and those mothers with children suffering ADD-ADHD, trauma, in coma, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and Palliative Care environments.

How is this Done? Dr. Martha, offers a New Approach of Healing through a mothers electromagnetic field which is a science application to healthcare. Evidence-Based methods profoundly display astonishing evidence that our cardiac field (electromagnetic field) touches those in less than 8 - 10 feet of where we are positioned. One person's heart signal can influence another's brainwaves and heart-brain synchronization can happen between two people when they interact. Mothers, when you are in a room with your child,  you influence your child’s heart beat, affecting your child’s health and behavior. Dr. Martha offers Cardiac Coherence (Heart Rate Variability) training and support to mothers with the goal to help their loved ones. Services are available for in-person, onsite and online. Please call for rates.

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression  

Hypnotherapy is a physical, emotional or spiritual healing modality, a universal tool to help in many areas.  Dr. Martha offers expertise in hypnotherapy.  She is an author, specialist, and trainer that has worked with all the top Hypnotherapy organizations, (National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association) as a Certified Instructor, and offered professional training to over fourteen licensure boards. She passionately guides those to select the best care, trains/teaches, and offers powerful hypnotherapy transformational sessions.

Fees: $200.00 - One 90 minute session | $251.00 - Two sessions: one 90 minute session including one 30 – 45 minute teleconference Intake.           $620.00 - Three sessions: 90 minute sessions including one 30 – 45 minute teleconference intake (best choice for Habit Control).  We also provide low-cost prerecorded sessions available for download. Please call for more information. In addition, we offer professional training - please ask.

Online Coaching Through the Frame of Cognitive Neuroscience   Fees & Insurance
 Facilitate goal attainment, improve mental health & enhance quality of life.
Coaching is more directive than psychotherapy and counseling and can help in many areas of life. Including work, life, career, relationships, health, wellness, and spirituality. Coaching offers you personal growth, assistance with life transition, difficulties, recovery assistance and provides you with cognitive-behavioral interventions, including relaxation and stress/management skills, coping skills, communication skills, social skills, problem-solving skills, parenting skills, anger management, and other skills. Coaching is applied for achieving goals, optimal performance, addictions, weight issues, smoking cessation, anxiety, relationship skill building and more.

Spiritual Life Coach | Spiritual Care: is centered care for those who seek to discover hope, resilience, and inner strength in times of illness, injury, transition and loss as well as personal growth. It also includes guidance to those seeking deeper meanings of life ... Dr. Martha, as she is affectionately known is an intuitive visionary leader (sought-after speaker, international author, spiritual teacher, personal mentor and intuitive mind-body expert) who focuses on all aspects of healing; balancing body, mind and soul, balancing to achieve growth, spirituality and health. Spiritual Life Coach offers expertise of Behavioral Sciences, Health-Behavior, and Health Sciences, combined with Integrative Holistic Medicine, Wisdom and Guidance. 

Life Coaching: Co-active coaching is a unique professional support system in which coach and client work together to meet the needs of the client. A coach helps you find clarity and direction in your life and supports you with compassion and direction to guide you to take actions needed to reach your goals. Learn More

Troubled Teen Parent Coach: We offer a sense of stability, peace, and hope. Center of approach is a focus to helping parents cope, and how to maintain balance through enduring times. We are well seasoned to help guide you to your desired resolution. Learn More

Caregiver Coaching: If you are a caregiver, join us in allowing us to provide you with tools you need for coping as a caregiver. We offer caregivers stress management, communication skills, coping skills, and facilitator support.

Emotional Survivorship & Recovery for Trauma, Physical & Sexual Abuse, Environmental Disaster, Violent, and Traumatic Events.

Online Family & Health Education            Fee

Education: health promotion, maintenance, or restoration of health. 

Childbirth Education: Discover how to plan for easy lifestyle, prepping for natural birth, or to work with tools to be used in conjunction with other modalities for labor delivery. This class helps you to increase your milk supply, plan easy nap time strategies for baby-to-be, have an action plan for fussy-baby, gain evidence-based methods to increase your baby’s intelligence, increase emotional bonding and help plan effective emotional management for baby-to-be. If that’s not enough, this program helps moms-to-be reduce symptoms with existing behavioral disorders like ADD-ADHD, Depression and Anxiety Panic Attacks. Perfect for all moms-to-be including high-risk, and those at risk.

Parenting Education: Healthy Foundation for Parents of 6 to 9 yr old's.  This is a personalized approach where parents get training to set a foundation of healthy life skills for their children. Parents receive instructions how to build essential coping skills and build healthy behavioral skills for their children. Learn how to teach your children coping skills, life skills and what to do in situations of bullying and violence. Included in Parents teleconference appointment is a training manual full of important information to know, activities and skill sets.

Online                                Fee

Internet Consultations: Occasionally, it is too demanding to get to an office for support. I offer services online, over the Internet and use teleconference sessions by the phone to help the busy individual.  Clients find the convenience of online support and encouragement to be very helpful.

Mindfulness Meditations: Start Now! Get stress reduction techniques from the privacy of your homes or office,  24/7 access to powerful tools online for learning about your stress and managing your stress levels. If you're looking for one program with multiple health and wellness benefits, you have found your fit.

Cardiac Coherence:  Our approach to Cardiac Coherence is drug-free, safe, effective and clinically validated. We teach you a simple rhythmic breathing technique typically monitored by feedback; hand placement or device. Learn More

Few understand Dr. Martha’s level of expertise, what it means by a "science approach" to traditional healthcare. This is an excellent audio to learn more, understand Cardiac Coherence (Heart Rate Variability) evidence-based care for Coma Patient Care, PTSD, anxiety, Trauma, critical care and more. Listen  Now: Kryon Summer Light Conference Panel of speakers; Greg Braden, Jope Dispenza & Bruce Lipton, 90-minute lecture.

Complementary Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Holistic Health Counselor | Holistic Health Practitioner - Holistic Doctors in Erie PA

Conditions and Issues                   Read more
Evidence-Based Interventions
Complementary Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Holistic Health Counselor | Holistic Health Practitioner - Holistic Doctors in Erie PA






    Autoimmune Disorders

    Breast Cancer

    Brain Injury

    Chronic Congestive Heart   


    Chronic Fatigue

    Colitis - Crohns

    Chronic Pain




    Environmental Sensitivity

    Executive Functioning


    Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise 

    Survival After Heart Attack

    Industrial Operators

    Stress & Sleep

High Cholesterol




Panic Disorder


Sleep Disorders


Veterans Chronic Pain

And More


Family Education 
Health Care

Adult Care

Caregiver Coaching


Learn How To Start

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Executive & Health Coach | Disruptive Behavior Specialist | Strategist Consultant | HR & Stakeholder Consultant

Optimal Performance, Health, Stress Management, Anger Management, Incivility, Bullying, Harassment Expert

Dr. Martha Watson is the founder and CEO Mindfulness Living Cloud Training, PractitionerPro ®, and Mindfulness Living Community that rekindles family strengthening and self-regulating care ©. As an expert in her field of Mind - Body, Mindfulness Living and stress, Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution, she provides individuals, corporations and organizations with the training, education, original programming and tangible solutions to create practices for improving emotional and physical well-being - Mindfulness Living.

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