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High Risk Pregnancy

Preterm Labor


Gestational Diabetes

Placenta Previa

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All have one thing in common 
                  … Bed Rest

High risk pregnancy usually involves: High blood pressure, high blood-sugar levels, chronic fatigue, headaches, pain, stress, distress, anxiety and depression.

 High Risk Pregnancy has evidence-based practices proven to help.

In addition to high risk pregnancy symptoms, the common symptoms of  pregnancy have solutions as well. Get relief from insomnia, or chronic fatigue,
back pain and morning sickness.

We offer skills proven in extraordinary benefits for you and your baby-to-be.

The skill goes beyond health factors to prompt emotional bonding and also helps your unborn gain optimal health and functioning. Mothers-to-be use the skill for maternity care, delivery and postpartum.
Call Dr. Martha at (814) 662-5338
She will work with you over the telephone and the internet to give you the tools you need.
Dr. Martha works with you through a teaching style, not as a therapist. You are taught evidence-based skills through an educational approach. So, this is not "talk therapy" but an education to learn the skills. 
Evidence-based care means its proven to work!
Please Enjoy Our Research

Research is provided to show  skills you need. To the right of the screen you will see evidence of the skills you learn, proven to work! That is GREAT NEWS! So relax, you found a solution! Call us today! (814) 662-5338

Human fetuses react to maternal stress during pregnancy - DiPetroJA et. Al. (2003, 10 July) Fetal response to induced maternal stress. Division of Maternal–Fetal Medicine. Johns Hopkins University Early Human Development 74 (2): 125-38

Pregnant women can transmit the damaging effects of stress through the placenta - By Anna Hodgekiss  Published: 15:04 EST, 4 March 2013  Updated: 15:04 EST, 4 March 2013
•    Baby boys are more sensitive to stress in the womb
•    May explain why maternal stress and disorders such as autism and schizophrenia are more common in boys

Prenatal maternal stress: effects on pregnancy and the (unborn) child.
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Tools (Heart Coherence) have been shown to reduce levels of cortisol (also known as the stress hormone)  –  McCraty R et. Al. (1998). The impact of a new emotional self management program on stress, emotions, heart rate program on stress, emotions, heart rate variability, DHEA and Cortisol. Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science 33(2): 151 - 170

Lower levels of cortisol during pregnancy have been associated with a lot of benefits, including reducing the risk for early delivery and low birth weight babies - Field T et al. (2006). Prenatal cortisol, prematurity and low birth weight, Infant Behavioral & Development 29:268 - 275

Dr. Martha is a  teacher for train-the-trainer, and community Childbirth Education and expert in Stress Management and Psychosomatic symptoms, diseases and illnesses.

Watch for our Updates on Research! More to Come!

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