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Erie PA Holistic Cancer Care

Erie PA Holistic Cancer Care
Child, Teen and Adult Care & Family Support  
Erie Holistic Cancer Center supports a holistic approach treating the whole person, mind, body & spirit and we work with family units.
Erie Holistic Cancer Care – For Scheduling Please Call (814) 662 – 5338
We offer In-Home, On-site Erie Holistic Cancer and telephone support for physical, emotional, and spiritual issues for cancer patients and their family members.
With Erie Holistic Cancer Care the needs of both the patient and the family are covered.

Erie Holistic Cancer Care is a pioneer in Integrative Mind-Body Medicine, natural health and wellness practices. We offer services in Erie, PA for holistic Cancer care and Professional Training to Child-Life Specialists, Behavioral Health, and Nurses in evidence-based holistic Cancer Care treatments (Mind-Body Integrative Medicine). Erie Holistic Cancer Care offered by Martha Watson PhD provides Integrative Care Services, Integrative Medicine (IM), a healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person; mind, body and spirit. It combines western and eastern medicine and proven alternative cancer care or complementary treatment healing techniques that support the immune system to improve the healing process.

Erie Holistic Cancer Care offers a multi-dimensional approach that encompasses Mind-Body Integrative Medicine and emotional health brain-based coaching combined with symptom management, nonnarcotic pain management and Instructional Coaching teaching you self-regulated skills for health and wellness, spiritual care, and stress reduction. Coping with the news of cancer, enduring treatments, side-effects, fatigue and the range of emotions is where Mind-Body Medicine, stress, and anger management expertise come in provided by Dr Martha Watson.

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I feel that a life changing event that not only changed my outlook on life, it changed everything about my being. I have received an enlightenment that allows me to see myself and my world around me in a new way. An awakening that I will remember forever.    My wife noticed the change in me within the first 3 minutes of her and I being together after this happened for me. I asked her to describe the change in me and this is what she said … "It’s as if the man I knew was stripped naked and healed from the inside out."  Thank you Dr. Martha, it was only through your love, compassion and wisdom that this could have come into my life.

 Tony Diss

Lung Cancer Survivor – (Less than 15% survive lung cancer in the USA; Dr. Martha proudly notes that Tony became her prize student, now helping others in services and support)

Learn cutting-edge research-based tools and skills.
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