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Custody Coach Erie PA & Divorce Coach Erie PA . Help for high conflict divorce and custody - Erie Pennsylvania (PA) and Online National Support: (814) 662-5338 co-parenting custody and high-conflict disputes Coaching  Erie PA : Help for Child Custody Erie, PA  and Help with Divorce Erie, PA

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Divorce Strategist Dr Martha, Co-Parenting & Parent Coach, Moving Forward, ask the expert ...

Divorce Coach, Custody Coach
Divorce and Custody Coaching (Non-Legal, Practical and Emotional Support) When You Need It
Divorce Child Custody Coach - Coaching  Erie, Pennsylvania (PA)
and National online Support

"Divorce Strategist Martha Watson PhD provides Guidance and Support during Divorce"

Get a Professional Coach to help you with your Divorce, Child Custody or Mediation 
  • Discover a Blueprint to Overcome Challenges
  • Understand the Strategy Against You
  • Discover Resolution for High-Conflict

Get Support and Knowledge to Help You & Your Kids! 
Divorce and Child Custody issues are not just legal issues. They are emotional issues that attack your health. An Attorney spins not knowing how to handle High-Conflict Resolution, the emotional turmoil you endure. This is a costly area for your pocketbook; Attorney fees $300 to $520 an hour, the price on your health, and the risk of emotional scaring for yourself and your family.
Dr Martha has worked with hundreds of parents/ fathers, mothers, men and women in this area offering skills to cope, being prepared for  unpredictable consequences and behavior. She offers " insight" - strategies typically found in divorce and child custody suites that help you remain calm, knowing what to expect. Divorce is just not about you, this unique service helps you and your children learn how to endure challenges. It is a necessity for high-conflict stress.

When you are facing divorce or child custody everyone wants to know  how to Win Child Custody - Win Custody, Salvage their “fair” share in divorce, Or how to get what they want …. If you want help on Winning a Child Custody Case, Help with a Divorce Case, the best thing you can do is get support. This will help you to remain calm, understand typical plays that will come your way, and receive a  tailored goal plan by a Divorce/Child Custody Coach. When you are prepared you increase your success favorably!

Divorce/Child Custody Coach Offerings:

Telephone Coaching - Monthly Plans

Divorce/Child Custody Coach

Telephone Offerings:

One 60 minute Divorce/Child Custody Coaching session $175.00

One 2-hour Divorce/Child Custody Coaching session $250.00

Divorce/Child Custody Coach

Telephone Packages:

Monthly Coaching
4 (30-minute) Divorce/Child Custody coaching sessions per month, 1 (90 minute)  new client appointment
$500.00 start month and $350 for each following month

Intensive Monthly Coaching
4 (60 minute -1-hour) Divorce/Child Custody coaching sessions per month, 1 (90 minute)  new client apt 

$750.00 start month and $500 for each following month

In-Person Divorce/Child Custody Coach - Coaching Option 

One 2-hour Divorce/Child Custody coaching session $350.00

One 4-hour Divorce/Child Custody Coach session


Divorce Coach, Divorce Custody Weekend & Intensive Fees

Weekend (60) minute telephone appointment is a flat fee of $215.00  Individual Intensive In-Person $1,250.00 per day (one series can save you thousands in wasted legal fees)

While moving through divorce or a custody fight you need Dr Martha as your Divorce Coach or Custody Coach to give you the knowledge and advantage to weather-the-storm. Realizing the cost of legal fees, you can’t afford not to have help, even if you are working with mediators; a Divorce Coach, Child Custody Coach is a must. A definite for your Custody Conciliation procedure.

Custody Coach  |  Child Custody  |  Divorce Child Custody Coach Coaching  -  Erie Pennsylvania (PA) and National teleconference support
Online National Support available through Teleconference

Divorce Coach in Erie, Pennsylvania (PA)

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Erie, Pennsylvania (PA) and Online support
Custody Coach in Erie, Pennsylvania (PA)
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Are you looking for? Help for Child Custody Erie, PA -  Help with Custody Erie, PA -  Help for fathers in divorce Erie, PA? Help for Moms in divorce Erie, PA? Divorce process in Pennsylvania (PA)?

Dr Martha offers you areas of expertise that exhibit advanced specialized knowledge of human behavior, relation and problem-solving skills, strong conflict resolution and health expertise, stress management expertise, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and skilled support for goal planning, objectives, and endurance of high-stress experiences.

Dr Martha offers Services, Behavioral Health - Criminal Justice: Conflict Resolution Training & Therapy Products 

Parenting Beyond Divorce

Child Centered Divorce | Parenting | Stress Expert & Stress Management

Co-Parenting & Parent Coach, Moving Through or Beyond Divorce

Ask The Expert …

There is a formula when dealing with divorce and custody. It doesn’t change, just the players. Call today to learn what the strategy is against you when facing divorce and custody issues. Better yet, learn how to help your children and keep your stamina when facing high-conflict. 

Dr Martha 

Martha Watson Ph.D.

Divorce Strategist, Custody & Parenting Coach Erie, PA & Online

Dr Martha Watson is a Professional Consultant that has been working with adults and families coping with distress for over 20 years. She has expertise in understanding human behavior, Stress Management and Behavioral Interventions. She is an authority of Anti-Violence, an Anti-Bullying Expert - Health Specialist, and Disruptive Behavioral Specialist Consultant. She has authored psycho-educational programs for healthcare, behavioral health, criminal justice and community leaders. Dr Martha’s focus is; Stop harmful effects of stress and prompt development of health and healthy relationships, in the end allowing families to thrive.

High Conflict | Resolution Divorce Services

Dr Martha offers Divorce Coaching, Custody Coaching and High-Conflict Divorce Strategist Services. Helping you take charge of your health & wellbeing facing divorce/separation, and co-parenting.

Often services of Divorce Coaching overlap into Parenting  Coaching and Health Consulting, Typical Services include Stress, Trauma, High-Conflict, recovery of abuse. Services include helping families that have signs of stress disorders: anti-social behavior, Anxiety-Panic Attacks, Troubled Teens, struggling adolescents and youth, and volatile behavior. Health areas typically include respiratory conditions (asthma, COPD, and Bronchitis) psychosomatic disorders, IBS and conditions. (migraines,  insomnia,  fatigue and tiredness)

She passionately helps to restructure those seeking to rekindle from hardships, divorce, trauma, and hardships in life. Dr Martha's training, Stress Management and behavior intervention has been offered to over 15 professional licensure boards. As you can see, Dr Martha is well seasoned and passionate about her work. She has helped hundreds of families in resolving conflict and compliments her trade with offering healing alternatives which often intertwines in client care through Divorce-Custody Coaching  and Parenting Coach services.


Dr Martha herself has gone through the legal system facing custody and hardships of divorce. Matter of fact, her experience prompted her to receive her doctorate in Behavioral Sciences.


Dr Martha is published as a contributing author, program creator of over thirty psycho-educational programs and program creator/developer of Health and Wellness, Violence Prevention/Intervention and Conflict Resolution Management for Health Care and Behavioral Health. Her work continues in discovering ways for individuals and families to stop violence, hardships in life, regain health, wellness and thrive on rebuilding families recovering from divorce and life's challenges. 


Don’t make the costly mistake and avoid building team success! You need a professional "outside" of the system who will be truthful, understands strategies against you, and helps in all ways facing divorce and custody.



Exceptional Areas of interest for Parents of Divorce and CustodyDr Martha shares parents with skills, methodologies to help their children and teens endure, recover from high stressful events. She has created therapeutic tools; coloring books, videos, worksheets, crossword puzzles, and handouts for parents to help the whole family when dealing with divorce.


Please note this service is limited by demand. If you are seeking support for Divorce Coach, Custody Coach with Dr Martha, please call to reserve now- We highly recommend booking packages to reserve appointment time requests.  

Child warning signs, when to call for help

  • delay speech, language, toilet training
  • learning, attention problems (ADD-ADHD)
  • behavioral problems (anger, acting out, volatile behavior, bedwetting or eating disorders)
  • drop in grades, performance
  • signs-symptoms of sadness, tearfulness, or depression, social withdrawal or isolation
  • bullying or victim of bullying
  • lack of interest previously enjoyed activities
  • aggression (hitting, biting or kicking)
  • loss of appetite
  • lethargic or insomnia
  • inactivity, school absenteeism or tardiness
  • mood swings
  • symptoms  (headache, stomachache, diarrhea)  management of new  health problem
  • alcohol, drug, or substance use
  • out of routine adjustment problems
  • bereavement – fear – nightmare issues
  • custody evaluations, court appearances
  • witnessing parents arguments, name calling, anger
  • other parent ‘s adjustment problem
  • experienced or has relative that experienced sexual, physical, emotional abuse, environmental disaster, violence or other traumatic events
  • friend, relative in emotional distress

Divorce Coach, Child Custody Coach consulting offers Dr Martha’s seasoned expertise of evidence-based interventions and psycho-educational interventions to help endure the emotional challenges often resulting in behavioral problems and performance. Dr Martha shares guidance, provides you with coping skills, strategies of understanding, and compassionately helps rekindle emotional relationships from scaring in times of high-conflict.

Divorce Coach, Custody Coach Insurance Information: Dr. Martha does not participate in insurance in order to maximize her capability to supply individualized services styled to the needs of the client and provide the highest level of confidentiality.  Dr. Martha is an “out of network” provider and does not bill insurance directly (i.e., Dr. Martha is not a participating provider in any insurance plan). If you have out of network benefits, your insurance company may reimburse you for a part of the fee. Dr. Martha will provide you with a statement that you may use for submitting to your insurance company or for tax reimbursement purposes. Please check with your insurance company directly to determine your eligibility and for more information.

Disclaimer: content is intended to be for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns regarding a medical or psychological issue, seek professional evaluation. Services are delivered through an educational style to parents combined with expertise strategist planning.

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