Insight Therapies, LLC

Insight Therapies, LLC

Online High-Conflict Anger Class

Co-Parenting High-Conflict & Anger Management

Co-parenting classes are for parents enduring problems with communication and anger. Co-parenting classes help parents work together effectively to support the best interests of their child(ren), following separation, divorce, or other relationship conflicts.



The goal of Co-parenting classes is to improve parenting relationships by reducing conflict and improving communication, ultimately protecting and improving the overall well-being of the children involved. Co-parents learn techniques to manage their stress and anger, communication, and conflict resolution skills. 


Who Is Program For?

Classes are for parents, partners, grandparents, foster parents, and any other individuals that co-parent.  Co-parenting programs are an evidence-based curriculum to teach parents anger management, conflict resolution, and communication skills.  

8 Hour Online


26 week Online


12 Hour Online



Anger Management Assessment