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Purchase our software or refer to us (employee assumes fee for services) and we will manage your complete Civility Workforce Program.

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Dr. Martha Watson, is an Anger Management Specialist, Stress Expert, Education & Business Consultant, Strategist and offers employee coaching, HR Civility Management programs, products and professional certification training in optimizing performance, and disruptive behavior. She is an Author of violence intervention and anti-bullying psychoeducational curriculum, products and programs. Dr Martha holds a strong combination of healthcare delivery, academic research, and clinical expertise in Behavioral Sciences focusing on behavioral and psychophysiological response associated with stress, emotional and social behavior, cognitive analysis, assessment and care, program design and management, and therapeutic care. She works with HR directors and mangers, company, county municipal courts, community leaders, universities and schools, attorneys, and department directors.  

Service offerings include: court/employee ordered anger management classes, employee coaching, leadership and development training, physician disruptive behavior, executive coaching, and services geared for upper-management and supervisors or teams with performance or behavioral issues. Services are geared for disruptive behavior, anger management and high-stress/high-conflict work performance. Civility team management, anger management and coaching is available for employees who need to save their careers. In addition, Dr Martha works with industries to skill communication, build better workplace relationship and satisfaction, employee relationship, productivity and time management in the workforce. Her seasoned experience includes business strategist working with stakeholders and management to meet their goals.


Executive offerings include:  professional interviewing, leadership development, employee relations consulting, and business consulting working with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving. Dr Martha helps clients develop management solutions, and business skills to improve performance and efficiency. Dr Martha provides on-site, office, or telephone business consulting and coaching services for employees, supervisors, or teams with productivity, performance, or behavioral issues.

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Our Companies: Personal Growth Management Inc., is the leading provider of technology driven programs which includes an online Stress and Civility Program (SCP) which is a self-management program in an exclusive partnership with Insight Therapies, LLC providing Civility expertise (Anger Management & Stress Management) employee support, and management services to our prospective partners.

Civility, Respect, and Engagement in the Workplace

Our featured product and support service is designed to promote civility and wellness within the workforce. We build products to empower people with the tools, coaching and support to self-manage civility, emotional health, stress, and respect within the workforce while enhancing employee quality of life, and relationships, improving performance outcomes, and optimizing efficiency. We designed our program with an employee family focus for the modern family to help combat the rise of incivility in today’s society. Program includes resources available for members to support their families. Adults can find resources available for youth ages 11 to 18 years old. 

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Digital Media Civility Workforce Program Description

PractitionerPro® is a self-regulated program that focuses on relaxation skills while introducing behavior strategies to manage anger, stress and conflict while enhancing interpersonal skills. Participants of the program learn an important link between conflict resolution and interpersonal skills by learning assertive communication skills, anger management, and stress management. Research consistently shows that self-regulation skill is necessary for reliable emotional well-being.

Why it Works

Stress Management self-regulation skills relieve stress and release tension. Stress Management balances emotions, and provides coping skills essential for Conflict Resolution Healthy Management skills. Positive conflict resolution skill management requires the ability to remain calm and focused. The ability to successfully resolve conflict depends upon the ability to manage stress. PractitionerPro® focuses on introducing behavior strategies for identifying and managing anger, stress and conflict while enhancing emotional intelligence and assertive communication.

How it Works

PractitionerPro® teaches principles and the practice of stress management using a formula of tools through interactive exercises of videos, audios, patient care kits, workbooks and worksheets. The activities, relaxation techniques (Guided Imagery, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Soothing Music, Meditation Aids) and cognitive restructuring worksheets (Assertiveness, Anger Control, How to Handle Stress) and Deep Breathing Relaxation Exercise Instruction are relatively brief (15-20 minutes) targeting to develop self-regulation skills, prompt life skills, learn to manage reactions, emotions, and improve emotional health.

Purchase our software or refer to us (employee assumes fee for services) and we will manage your complete Civility Workforce Program!

Our Solutions for Civility Workforce

Purchase our Digital Media Program (software) for prevention to help build Emotional Intelligence in your workforce or refer to us for management. In addition, let us handle Incivility discipline programs for your employees.

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Insight Therapies LLC can help your organization whether you purchase our automated Civility Workforce Software and /or request management support, we provide key elements that you need to strengthen your workforce team management. 

Request us to help you build a better workforce and to enforce employee discipline actions of disruptive behavior. We use a cognitive-behavioral and psycho-educational approach to those individuals reported of demonstrating incivility behavior.

Prevention and Intervention Workforce Civility Management is offered through Martha Watson PhD a Civility Expert - distinguished Stress Expert and Certified Anger Management Specialist.

Helping Healthcare Fulfill JCAHO Standards


“Zero Tolerance” for Disruptive Doctors and Administrators ~ New Joint Commission Disruptive Behavior Standard (effective January 1, 2009).


PractitionerPro® Civility Management Solution Programs are consistent with the Joint Commission Requirements New Behavior Standard and Revision to LD.03.01.01, EPs 4 and 5 including compliance fulfillment to the Sentinel Event Alert, Issue 40: Behaviors that undermine a culture of safety, bearing or reference to issues associated with inappropriate “unprofessional behavior.”

     Helping National & International Businesses and Corporations


PractitionerPro® Civility Management Solution Programs are recognized as a leading expert on civility and stress management in the workplace ~ recognized nationally (in all 50 USA states, courts & employers) and 18 international countries | AE (armed forces in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Canada) | US Military Service BAHRAIN | BERMUDA | BRAZIL | CANADA | CHINA | CURACAO | GEORGIA | GREECE | JAPAN |  ISRAEL | ITALY | MEXICO | NEW ZEALAND | NIGERIA | PUERTO RICO | TURKEY | SINGAPORE  |  UK 

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Martha Watson, PhD, Founder of PractitionerPro®, Civility Expert, Diplomate of NAMA, CAMS-II
Court Ordered, Employer and Personal Growth.   Controlling Anger — Before It Controls You

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Executive & Health Coach | Disruptive Behavior Specialist | Strategist Consultant | HR & Stakeholder Consultant

Optimal Performance, Health, Stress Management, Anger Management, Incivility, Bullying, Harassment Expert

Dr. Martha Watson is the founder and CEO Mindfulness Living Cloud Training, PractitionerPro ®, and Mindfulness Living Community that rekindles family strengthening and self-regulating care ©. As an expert in her field of Mind - Body, Mindfulness Living and stress, Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution, she provides individuals, corporations and organizations with the training, education, original programming and tangible solutions to create practices for improving emotional and physical well-being - Mindfulness Living.

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