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Childbirth Education Online Class & Childbirth Educator Training

Childbirth Education Class

PractitionerPro® Method

Childbirth Education Class

A Natural Approach to Birth

Online Childbirth Education Class, Private Training & Appointments Available 

Private Course available for moms-to-be ($80.00) and Childbirth Educator Training ($1,520.00)

Moms-to-Be Childbirth Education Online Class 30 days online access

Get online tools to a wellness center, 1 intro class and 4 weeks teleconference support.  Join us for a live Q & A discussion. The online class is an interactive, teleconference meeting while you access reference to the tools in the wellness center accessible by PC's, most tablets and smartphones. All the tools and workbooks in the wellness center have the ability for download. The wellness center holds a web-based program that includes workbooks, pamphlets, audios and videos.

Childbirth Educator Training: (2) homestudy online class training's with facilitator support : Guided Imagery, Self-Hypnosis & Teleseminar Diaphragmatic Breathing.
PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education Class Course Description: Natural childbirth using hypnotherapy and diaphragmatic breathing is an ancient tool -- an opportunity for lasting benefits to joyfully welcome the arrival of your newborn into the world. Childbirth Training is an education to teach you deep relaxation through, NLP, guided imagery, self-hypnosis, diaphragmatic breathing, mind-body medicine. Discover how to have a shorter labor, release fear, anxieties and tensions, and learn how to rise above typical pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, nausea or headaches.

This Childbirth Education class will help you to plan for easy lifestyle, prepping for natural birth, or to work with tools to be used in conjunction with other modalities for labor delivery. This Childbirth Education class helps you learn skills to: increase your milk supply, plan easy nap time strategies for baby-to-be, have an action plan for fussy-baby, gain evidence-based methods to increase your baby’s intelligence, increase emotional bonding and help plan effective emotional management for baby-to-be. If that is not enough, learn how to stop uncomfortable systems, feeling tired and nausea, help reduce symptoms of lower back pain. This Childbirth Education class also helps mothers-to-be with evidence-based care methods to reduce common symptoms in pregnancy and symptoms of behavioral disorders, depression, ADD-ADHD and anxiety.  

Who is this Childbirth Education Class For? Designed to help all moms-to-be including those suffering from high-stress, psychosomatic conditions, high-risk pregnancies, including seekers for natural birth solutions. Program may be implemented as adjunct care, stand alone, and may be considered for those who cannot take pharmaceutics for pain, stress, and anxiety or prefer alternative “natural” methods for birth.


The PractitionerPro® Natural Childbirth Education Class teaches skills and techniques that ensure a comfortable, safe pregnancy and birth experience, and provides products of empowerment that have lasting benefits for life … all without the hassle and expense of leaving your home for traditional Childbirth Education classes.

The PractitionerPro® method of Childbirth Education Class prepares a mother for natural childbirth; the pregnant woman (in classes and at home) learns about the physiology of childbirth and techniques of relaxation, concentration and breathing.

Participants of Childbirth Education Class get private facilitator support and online tools. Moms-To-Be learn and experience evidence-based care Mindfulness, Relaxation, Hypnotherapy, Cardiac Coherence (powerful Diaphragmatic Breathing Skills) and Self-Help exercises.

50% reduced fatigue

46% reduced anxiety
60% reduced depression
24% improvement ability to focus
30% improvement sleep

Welcome to Childbirth Education Class!

Natural remedies … a healthy choice in life
Childbirth Education is delivered Online with the availability download Childbirth Education tools to tablets, PC's or Smartphones. 
What Makes This Program So Powerful?

How Will This Childbirth Education Class Help Me?

You’ll be fascinated as you learn successful tools that enable you to reduce stress in your pregnancy, trust your body and work with it, and free yourself from harmful emotions that lead to pain-causing fear and unyielding muscles. Discover how to have a healthy pregnancy and live a stress-free life, help your baby align in position, dismiss pain during delivery, and even increase your milk supply after birth.


Childbirth Education Class Toolbox Benefits: Applications extend to well after delivery. You'll discover self-help tools for life, including help for dads and partners! As you both prepare for your baby, you'll naturally increase the emotional bonding that builds stronger families.

Would You Like To ...
Plan an easy birth?
Learn how to get your baby on an easy nap-time schedule?
Gain quick tools in planning to calm your baby? 

Extraordinary Benefits  Childbirth Education Class  

* Decrease stress in life
* Overcome insomnia
* Overcome morning sickness
* Have a natural childbirth experience
* Bond with your unborn child
* Increase mother’s milk supply
* Decrease intensity of pain during delivery
* Achieve quicker birth by an average of two hours
* Help baby align in position for delivery, preventing a breech birth
* Release the body's natural endorphins without the need for medication.

Childbirth Education Insurance Reimbursement: Most insurance plans reimburse the cost of childbirth education classes. Upon completion of full class participation, you will be issued a certificate. 

Childbirth Education Class

PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education Class
Natural remedies provide a safe, healthy life. When you are relaxed, your baby inside of you is content. All drugs given to a birthing mother reach the baby in less than 5 minutes -- in an adult dose! By empowering with the PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education method, you and your baby can avoid those drugs. You'll learn techniques to help you to cope and relax -- mind/body skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

A woman's body is designed to know exactly what it needs to do. Our techniques in this Childbirth Education class will teach you how to work with those natural instincts.

When you are relaxed, your baby inside of you is content.

Childbirth Education Class Benefits During Pregnancy:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Acclimate to body changes
  • Overcome insomnia
  • Fall asleep faster and reduce muscle tension, thus decreasing any onset of stress or pain
  • Overcome morning sickness
  • Overcome headaches and nervousness
  • Bond with your unborn child

Childbirth Education Class Benefits During Delivery:

  • Fewer or no drugs, resulting in a lower risk of side effects to mother and baby
  • The body's natural endorphins are released without the need for medication
  • Shorter labors by an average of two hours* A mother who is "present," inspired and relaxed
  • A tranquil, peaceful, family-bonding birthing environment
  • By the use of self-induced deep relaxation methods called hypnosis, breech and posterior babies can align properly
  • Decreased complications and interventions during labor **
  • Less intense pain during childbirth***

Childbirth Education Class Benefits Following Birth: More relaxed babies who sleep better and nurse better, due to fewer drugs in their systems

  • Increased supply of mother's milk

During Online Childbirth Education Class:

What should I expect PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education tools to feel like? Close your eyes and open them. That’s it! The techniques you learn for deep relaxation have powerful results that are quick, easily learned, and have extraordinary benefits. You are alert and in control always, and remember everything. You become more tuned in to your body, naturally increasing bonding with your baby, self-confidence, and the power within as you discover a self-help toolbox. It’s like walking around with a built-in pharmacy for life.

Will I feel my labor?
A common concern for mothers using PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education Class tools during labor is that they'll be passive to the birthing process, becoming dissociated from their labor or not feeling contractions. This is far from the truth. The mother does feel her contractions, but being at ease, she can be more present in her body. Typically, mothers using the PractitionerPro® childbirth method of natural childbirth make remarks such as, ”It’s like riding a wave" ... "that was a really good contraction” … “I actually felt my cervix opening,” with a smile of achievement on their face.

Will it work?
All that is necessary for a client's success is imagination, cooperation and practice with the techniques taught to you in this Childbirth Education class. Typically, most pregnant women with a due date approaching are happy and willing to learn tools that will facilitate an easier labor.

Can I do PractitionerPro® Childbirth on my own?
Yes. PractitionerPro® offers solutions for either a solo delivery or one with companion support. PractitionerPro® is designed to provide support for every woman, whether on her own or with a partner. (let us know if your planning a solo delivery upon Childbirth Education registration)

Can my partner be a participant?
Absolutely. A partner is encouraged to participate in your Childbirth Education without additional fees. By easily learning the tools that you’ve developed, your partner becomes the perfect facilitator for you during the PractitionerPro® Natural Childbirth program. Your partner can help you access your toolbox and reinforce your skills. The closer bonding achieved during the birth experience is priceless. 

Can I use the PractitionerPro® method if I'm planning on using an epidural?
Yes, the added benefit of PractitionerPro® is to utilize the skills during early labor, when epidurals are not generally advised. A mother receives the benefits of PractitionerPro® from start to finish, without any wait.This is a powerful plus for our Childbirth Training!

Childbirth Education Class Fear and Expectation
In our culture, society has led us to believe that delivering a baby involves many hours of painfully agonizing work and is to be faced with trepidation. Everyone has stories about childbirth that send shivers up our spines, creating repeat generations reflecting fear and pain during the birthing process. In other parts of the world, however, childbirth is explored at an early age. Birthing women are given support from other women, and children are often present to witness the birth event. Their perception of birth is one of ease and enjoyment, and the process is celebrated and honored. Young girls grow up believing that birth is a positive experience, and as a result they enter labor without anxiety and deliver their children without unnecessary pain caused by fear.

Childbirth Education Class Solution
Through PractitionerPro® you discover your toolbox within and learn how the mind controls the body. Your whole family benefits. You and your spouse or partner are taught to surround yourselves with only positive people and messages, resulting in a tranquil state in which you create a peaceful, beautiful birthing experience.

After birth, these same tools may be applied to relieve stomachaches, discomforts, headaches, stress and more.

Childbirth Education Class Goal-Setting
Goal-setting allows discussions that disclose fears about the birthing process. Through the skills of PractitionerPro®, the expectant couple works through possible solutions and then releases the fears. Without PractitionerPro®, fear during labor could create tension, which creates pain, then more fear, and the cycle continues. Fear and anxiety also produce adrenaline production in the body, causing the labor to become dysfunctional, a common cause of Cesarean section surgery. PractitionerPro® teaches how to release from fear, making a positive difference in the birthing experience. The PractitionerPro® method for childbirth teaches a woman how to enter her own natural anesthesia whenever and wherever she needs it.

This is the primary goal benefit of PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education. A mother does not use any drugs that can be dangerous for her, and especially for her baby. A mother has the control over her body, and is an active participant in her birth process. As labor progresses, a mother relaxes even more, going deeper within herself and trusting in her body's natural ability to give birth with ease and comfort. The mother’s mind cooperates in producing exactly what she needs.

Too good to be true?

The revolutionary PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education method has given mothers an alternative choice for childbirth. Through popular shifts in medical case management, women giving birth can be free from enduring pain. The JCAHO has established guidelines for Mind/Body Integrative Medicine to work with multidisciplinary pain management teams, and states that alternative non-pharmacological methods of pain management may be used by all hospitals. Yes, women now have options to participate in natural remedies for childbirth, offering outstanding benefits to the mother-to-be and child during the birth experience. There are many variables in labor and birth that can change the result, and expectant couples need to have a positive but realistic view of the PractitionerPro® method for childbirth. Expectant couples must be responsible for the decision to plan natural childbirth and understand how their decision can affect the dynamics and outcome. Statistics show the choice of natural childbirth techniques increasing daily. Women selecting the participation of natural remedies of the PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education method techniques are reported to be much calmer and more relaxed during labor, automatically eliminating pain and fear.

When should I start PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education Class?

The seventh month of pregnancy. (Earlier, as soon as possible if you have ADD- ADHD, chronic illness, or other unwanted symptoms. Call us for questions or concerns at (814) 662 - 5338. The earlier the better for a mother-to-be to learn the PractitionerPro® method for natural childbirth.

The first goal in your Childbirth Education is to begin with empowerment for confidence and self-esteem. Everyone is different and if a situation develops where there are only a few weeks to prepare, a mother-to-be can still benefit by the powerful tool of hypnosis. In fact, as few as two weeks of practice are reported to produce successful results. Personalities, behaviors, and character traits differ as well, so there are no guarantees of immediate results.

An upset emotional state can impact your health. Insomnia, stomachaches, headaches, nausea, etc. can all be due to stress. If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms and nervousness or stress, do yourself and your baby a favor and enroll in The PractitionerPro® Childbirth Education . You'll be glad you did. During your class, you have a chance to ask for support and tools working with symptoms that may arise.

* Martin JA Hamilton BE, Sutton OD, et al. Births: National Center for Health Statistics.2005
**Mehl Le. Arch Fam Med, 1994 3:881-87
***Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2003;(2):CDoo3521
Your Next Steps

Attend Online Childbirth Education Class

How it Works

  • Submit the Registration Form online and call us at (814) 662- 5338. We will contact you for payment.
  • Once we process your payment, we will provide you with an access code to view the Wellness Center. This access code is valid for 30 days.
  • You start the course with an Introduction to the Wellness Center. You will receive the bridge number to access the 60 minute teleconference upon your registration payment.
  • (4) Weeks you join Dr Martha and others for a 90 minute teleconference lecture discussion and Q & A .

Fee: $80.00


Contact: Email

Classes are offered at any time of pregnancy however most select to begin in weeks 28-32. Each class builds on the last with practice of audios and videos for homework and independent self-hypnosis practice. Practicing working with the tools is important, those that do, have the best results.  

Childbirth Education Class Schedule

Ongoing Training
Eastern Time (ET)
Individual  requests, small group requests welcomed (In-Person and Online)
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