Insight Therapies, LLC

Insight Therapies, LLC

      We offer the ONLY Curriculum for Non-Violent Living with all areas of need DVD Video-Driven, CD LESSONS.

Children,  Teen  and  Adult  Programs

Brief Therapy Resolution  PractitionerPro® (BTR) Program is an expansive program providing Character Education for all ages and all groups, including:  hearing impaired, language difficulties, and special-needs children, youth and adults.

Purchase the BTR Program alone or in conjunction with our Toolkits.

Life Skills, Social Skills, Coping with Explosive Behavior, Anger Management, Anti-Bullying, Social Emotional Learning for children, youth, adults and parents. 
PractitionerPro® is the authoritative source for highly effective evidence-based; EASY-TO-USE education and activities, video DVD/CD-driven learning.

Skill lessons includes:
cognitive-behavioral therapy, conflict resolution, stress management,  cognitive functioning, coping and communication skills building.
Our program offers a revolutionary focus essential prompting in emotional health for behavior modification that gives results through our Toolkits in areas of: social skills, life skills, anger management, character education, parenting, violence intervention, prevention and rehabilitation (for predator, aggressor and victim) for children, teens and adults.

Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® will get the job done easily and cause a change! Discover a platform to help in many areas such as coping, behavior modification, addictions, domestic violence, troubled youth - teens, special needs, coping skills, building values, family strengthening and relationships.

We help create healthier societies and strengthen individual and family values. 

The program is a match for schools, behavior health, parenting programs and criminal justice applications offering self-esteem, personal power, healthy decision making and efficient coping skills.

 Health Education Application Areas: Crisis intervention, Critical Incident Stress Management, Stress Management, Culturally Responsive Practices, Classroom Management and ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAMS                                               

PractitionerPro® Target Audience: Children, Teen and Adult. Select a particular age or target a program Toolkit or get the complete curriculum for Non-Violent Living designed for ages: 6 yrs. old to adult!   

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