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Marriage counseling desires expertise of emotions including anger and social health (act appropriately). Anger is an emotion that often triggers one to seek marriage counseling. Often incidents occur with couples inappropriately and they find themselves not knowing how to stop behaviors.

Beyond Marriage Counseling

Many Marriage Counseling and Counselors offer services that directly relate to “anger management counseling or treatment” in spite of the fact that there is no diagnosable disorder to treat. Mental health providers are not trained in emotions.  Marriage Counselors are trained in mental illness. However, Marriage Counselors find themselves treating “anger” and emotions. Psychiatrists prescribe psychotropic medication for anger. The result of therapists untrained in emotions put couples at risk to experience arguments, out-of-control, and spirals of emotional distress.

Beyond Marriage Counseling 

Try This Program First - Before Marriage Counseling‎ or Couples therapy - Get  "Beyond Marriage Counseling."

Get "Beyond Marriage Counseling", a hybrid mediation, anger management, relationship coaching, and intervention. Beyond Marriage Counseling offers an approach that focuses on the underlying emotions and impulse control. Beyond Marriage Counseling offers Relationship Mediation that emphasizes a practical focus, conflict resolution and behavioral change. Learn how to express yourself without ending up in a fight or a confrontation. This method will help you to learn to control emotions and impulses. This is a fit needed for marriage counseling to help stop angry or jealous behavior. If you’re losing your temper and regret actions of your argument - you found your fit.

Many couples seeking help declare they don’t need therapy, but need conflict resolution skills instead! 

We believe couples are searching for this type of care wanting a goal-orientated, straightforward method.

Beyond Marriage Counseling may also be called Marital, Relationship  Mediation or Family Mediation.  We are located in Erie, PA.

Beyond Marriage Counseling  is  hired to help couples preserve and rebuild their marriage or commitment to each other. During the process, couples who are not ready to part or divorce find resolution in a healthy, constructive way.

Beyond Marriage Counseling is open to those married and unmarried couples.

Beyond Marriage Counseling
Priceless Packages

Starter Package: Sessions run 2 hrs in length and are purchased in packages of 3. Rates $1,500 per package (9 hrs). Intensives and out-of-town requests welcomed.

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Intensive Package: Sessions run 2 hrs in length and are purchased in packages of 6. Rates $3,000 per package (12 hrs). Intensives and out-of-town requests welcomed.

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If you’re looking for how to save your marriage, marriage help,  conflict resolution in relationship difficulties -  you found your fit. 


Marriage Counseling, Counselor

Focuses on Problem

Based Upon Models of fixing Mental health diagnosis

Promotes Blaming

At risk not skilled in anger

Beyond Marriage Counseling

Focuses on solution

Based upon evidence-based

Action Orientated 

Adheres to accountability

Anger prevention and impulse control

Marriage Help - Save a Marriage. Beyond Marriage Counseling and Marital Mediation administration office is based in Erie, PA, but we regularly see clients through the internet – National Support Online.



Beyond Marriage Counseling

Marital Mediation & Relationship Coaching

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Marriage and Relationship Help to ...
Save a Marriage, Help Your Relationship
 Beyond Marriage Counseling
Marital Mediation
  Relationship Coaching
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Individual Appointments are available when your life doesn’t go as planned. Coaching Packages:

New Clients

Step 1: Free 20 minute call for an initial consultation of your coaching needs.

Step 2: New Client Package: Includes discovery session (in-depth initial session of 80 minutes) plus 6 sessions of 30-45 minutes each. ($110 per session, total of $770)

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