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Dr Martha Watson Anti-Violence, Non-violence - Peace Activist
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Through the years working in Behavioral Health, and countless research and consultations, I feel these suggested areas are needed for change. Please share this information and contact me if you have vehicles to help. 

Thank you, Martha Watson, PhD

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A patient has the right to be protected. Regardless of a professional title all areas of abuse are criminal. Become aware, help make changes we need to protect ourselves and our young.  

50 percent of all therapists will encounter at least one patient who has been sexually abused by a previous therapist. U.S.A. has 50 states, yet only 26 U.S. states have criminalized various aspects of psychiatrist, psychologist and psychotherapist sexual contact with patients.

 Criminal Background checks must be mandated in ALL STATES. See here if your state has protection.


#1 profile of those who commit School Shootings are White Males from broken homes.

#1 reason for Black Males (AGES 15-34) death in USA is "murder".

Watson Mental Health, Criminal Justice System and Community Safety Bill Request

  • Every parent should have the privilege and opportunity to enter their child into mental health care, regardless of shared custody status, if deemed necessary by medical referral or warranted by reporting from school or activity leaders.

Presently, if there are opposing views in shared custody, the favorable selection of counseling for the child may be denied, as permitted by law.

  • If a child’s mental health care is neglected by a parent, and it has been determined that the child has a need, as issued by a medical referral, this should be handled in a court of law, not in custody/family court.

Presently, this type of conflict is being handled in family court and the system is not working. Many divorced parties seeking care for youth concerns will not even bother pursuing a “contempt of court” order because the cost can be prohibitive and the results are poor, with little consequence for enforcement. Most important, sensitive time is wasted for children and youth concerns as custody conciliation offices are flooded with custody modifications and it can take a few months to be scheduled into conciliation meetings.

  • Any child (up to legal voting age; under the age of eighteen), if issued a referral for counseling or psychiatric care, should be mandated by law to participate in therapy and the recommended treatment plan.

Presently, a child, beginning at the age of fourteen, can refuse mental health counseling and/or treatment at will and no one else need be informed to guide the child in taking responsibility for the recommendation. In most cases, the recommendation is lost, negated without a parent’s knowledge or request. This area spirals into lack of responsibility for medical prescription management as well.

  • Medical and behavioral mental health records are to be openly shared information by professionals for obtaining a clinical history and providing recommendations.

Presently, the recommendations of a psychiatrist to a physician regarding a child’s mental health care may not be followed through. This can happen when a documentation summary (for example of a 302 evaluation or discharge notice from a hospital, clinic or rehabilitation facility) does not contain the pertinent information or when a child over the age of 14 refuses the release of information to other medical professionals and/or the child’s parents. There is currently a lock on sharing this kind of information under the HIPAA Privacy Law. Too often a change to a prescription medication recommended by a psychiatrist is not carried out because the minor does not relate this information to a PCP family doctor and/or parent or guardian.

  • General Practitioners should be bound by law to treat mental health problems with prescriptions only with close, documented supervision by a psychiatrist who has primary responsibility for the child’s mental health care.

Currently children may receive mental health prescriptions from a family physician, without oversight or guidance to be sure the child is adhering to a proper treatment plan. Often, children may claim to be receiving psychiatric care when they are not and because they do not have to provide proof, they can continue to obtain prescription drugs from the family physician without guidance regarding usage.

  • Coding requirements for schools and public buildings must be changed to provide safety for our children and our community and allow much-needed time for the police to respond to possible violent situations.

Currently, there is no coding in place that mandates adequate protective features in the architecture and design of our schools and other buildings. In the realm of public safety every second counts, and the difference between a glass or wood door barrier and a steel door barrier can provide the seconds that law enforcement officers need to defuse a situation before it can escalate. Banning glass and wooden doors and windows in entryways and replacing these with steel doors is a simple measure that can be taken to provide an extra measure of safety in schools and in public buildings in other sensitive areas.

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