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Discover why A BRIEF THERAPY Resolution PractitionerPro® works for Non-Violent Living -

ANTI-BULLYING when other programs fail.

Character Education - 

Life Skills - Emotional Skills

                                                                           Social Skills - Self-Regulating Skills

Get an EASY VIDEO-driven curriculum that guarantees efficacy of implementation.

Brief Therapy Resolution (BTR) PractitionerPro® is a comprehensive training for your members that provides you with: 

Anti-Bullying, Anti-Violence psycho-educational approaches for; children, teens and adults, including special needs and deaf, hearing-impaired individuals, students, and criminal justice clients.

Psycho-education can be utilized in helping both the bully and the bullied as well as prevention planning (Health Promotion).

Purchase the entire program or select: Health Promotion, Anti-Bullying, Special Needs Anti-Bullying, Anger Management and Stress Reduction.

Listed below are highlights that PractitionerPro® provides you.

PractitionerPro® Video-driven curriculum Toolkit provides the engine by evidence-based care lesson planning, and activities delivering Stress Management, Health Promotion, Violence Prevention/ Intervention/ Rehabilitation, coming together creating healthier communities.

Program Description:
A Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®

This program is a curriculum for non-violent living presented in a factual educational manner that focuses on prompting healthy coping skills and the development of character education. Character education is a term used to describe an instruction style that teaches individuals to develop moral, communal, competent responsible behavior, obedient, non-bullying, non-violent, healthy, successful compliant socially acceptable beings.

Character Education involves communication, social and life skills, including empathy and supports community values of respect through people skill and coping applications for community members.

Overview of skill building exposes identifying the causes of unhealthy thinking and actions that lead to violent behavioral responses, including anger, and bullying. Learning skills include: learning how to identify feelings, develop effective coping skills, prompting self-regulating skills and develop social and life skills for a balanced way of life in society.

Goal is to teach health promotion, violence prevention, intervention, and therapeutic care. 

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Digital Content Distribution is now more viable than ever due to the increase of digital devices, rise of consumer costs, consumer demand and lack of funding sources for leaders of community.

A Curriculum for Non-Violent Living

We offer the missing piece other programs forget

(Based on extensive research from Dr. Martha anti-bullying model)

1. Stress - Few understand the importance of stress management in our lives and how at different points in our life new skills for coping need to be taught to us. Many do not have role models.

2. Executive Function Skill Building – Let’s stop telling others idealistic formulas, to expect others to grasp cognitive skills and learning abilities. Our formula focuses on methodologies to prompt development in skills needed; executive functioning skill building, an empowerment approach to develop healthy thinking - optimal emotional functioning skills. 

3. Key Formula: Self-Regulated Skills prompting health and awareness, building values, families and strengthening community support.



Children must be taught how to identify feelings and what to do in call to action plans: WE TEACH THAT, a call to action in distress - what to do.


Teens deserve an education on how to cope, communicate, self-regulating skills. Saboteurs  (a person who engages in sabotage/reactional behavioral responses) are formed typically around age eleven. It is imperative we catch our kids in the 5th and 6th grade by training them healthy self-regulating skills, in particular Assertive Communication Skills, professional dialogue formulas. 


Adults deserve an education to rid triggers effectively. It's an essential element needed to "heal" the root cause.

“If we want to help society we must deliver self-help evidence-based care to allow others to cope effectively. This is an imperative focus derived from our own research to create the most effective programs available to you.”

– Dr. Watson, author of BTR, PP

One Anti-Bullying program that is multi-functioning to aid in predator, victim, and bystander support; Prevention, Intervention and Rehabilitation. 

Each module includes resources of information through a trainer's prep folder resource guide. Program outline delivers evidence-based care lectures, discussions, and activities, handouts for participants, parents and leaders.

Each age group: children, teen or adult (profile candidate) are planned in articulation to develop skills necessary for achieving efficient coping skills, life skills and methods that will ensure health, emotional wellness and development. Our unique difference is we create a prompting for health to stimulate awareness, ability to perform skill sets, coping and life skills.

Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® includes a focus specifically geared for needs for Deaf, Hearing Impaired and disabilities.
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