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We specialize in Behavioral and Social Science disciplines. Our expertise is structured content, interactive content for multiple applications. We offer evidence-based interventions to change behaviors and improve employee workforce, individual conduct, and community health. Learn More Click Here

 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Our SaaS  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is available for individual purchase, partnership, sponsorship, and streaming license. View streamline access demo here. MBSR is a powerful scientific application to healthcare and wellness containing self-regulated tools proven to prompt physical and emotional health. We are unique to take Mindfulness and Stress Reduction above traditional levels by providing psycho-educational worksheet applications and cognitive neuroscience practical applications in a dynamic, high-powered, self-help package. 

Psychotherapy & Counseling Videos
Anti-Bullying Counseling Therapy Videos
View Our Counseling Therapy Video Here. Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® Improve clinical performance within a matter of minutes by implementing (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral - Virtual Therapy - Evidence-based care - Save Time - Get Results! A great call to action and built on a platform for today's time. At a touch of a finger deliver  to multiple platforms: PCs, Smartphones, Tablets - digital devices.
Anti-Bullying Program Toolkit

Ages: Children, Teen and Adult View Here Complete software Kit contains: DVD, discussions, workbooks, self-help worksheets, handouts, activities and training resources and (5) workshop outline programs, skills for preventative action plan, resources to address: predator, victim, and aggressor that may be implemented by assistance of therapist, group leaders, or viewing pleasure of individuals by self-help resources. 

Deaf, Hearing Impaired Anti-Bullying ToolKit 

Finally an Anti-Bullying Program built for Deaf and Hearing impaired or those with language difficulties. Kit Contains DVD with Subtitles, handouts, trainers resources, and activities.

Ages: Children, Teen and Adult 

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Special Needs - Coping with Explosive Behavior Toolkit

Coping with Explosive Behavior
Anti-Bullying Program
This kit contains Anti-Bullying DVD, video discussions for all age groups, Activities, Trainer Resources and Handout Supports for Caregivers, Families and Parents.
Ages: Children, Teen and Adult
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Anger Management Toolkit

Complete set up to provide Online or In-Person Anger Management programs, court ordered programs. Kit contains: Workbooks, Training Resources, Activities, Handouts and workbooks.

Ages: Teen and Adult

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Stress - Anti-Bullying  Toolkit

Stress - Anti-Bullying Toolkit is valuable to all applications in client/ patient care. Get the tools to offer Online or In-Person Stress Reduction. Kit Contains: self-help worksheets - workbook program, activities, and handouts. Ages: Teen and Adult View More Information Here

About Anti- Bullying Products
Product delivery is state-of-the-art. Activities, coloring books, handbooks, workbooks and more are created on a PDF for you available thru licensing agreements. No further ordering required. Platform delivery of digital content easily creates a venue of potentials for today's time to be used on any device: Tablets, smartphones, PCs. View More Information Here!

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