Insight Therapies, LLC

Insight Therapies, LLC

PractitionerPro® Optional Training, Staff Development & Consulting

Dr. Martha Watson is the founder and Mindfulness Stress Relief Cloud Training, PractitionerPro ®, and Mindfulness Living Community that rekindles family strengthening and self-regulating care ©. As an expert in her field of Mind - Body, Mindfulness Living and stress, Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution, she provides individuals, corporations and organizations with the training, education, original programming and tangible solutions to create practices for improving emotional and physical well-being - Mindfulness Living.

All of our training programs include optional consultations and optional training regarding appropriate system-wide implementation of programs.

Features of digital product transmission to organizations are available through selection of product purchase. Consultations exist for digital files and media platform deliveries. This implies buyers by a selected choice purchase receive the capability to deliver their goods via PCs, Smart Phones, Tablets and more. Licensing restrictions enforced, capability of digital file implementation is strictly confided to client -centered approach, and not resale or public promotion. Software, kits, content is licensed not sold.

Even though the PractitionerPro® programs are designed to be very user-friendly, personalized training is available. Training is planned for Staff Training support and consulting is available to help blend the syllabuses into mission statements, support programs, and existing programs.

Consultations exist for strategy, program development and implementation of technical delivery and program delivery execution. Experienced: Moodle, Organic SEO, Psychoeducation program creator & developer, & team leader.

Additional Optional Training and Staff Development Consultations are available

The model for training of trainers consists of:

  1. Establishment of PractitionerPro® Training (Client Purchase/ Buy-In)
  2. Participants get a brief outline review  of curriculum elements. What to expect, learning as the trainees become students by fun interactive style.
  3. Training is led by a Demonstration experiential run-through of the program. (trainees' role-play  students) Goal target is a student’s viewpoint, perspective to be experienced.
  4. An Individual Action Plan will be developed for integration into your existing  programs, individual and or group. 


Participants will gain confidence, become competent to implement the program by training skills for PractitionerPro® social skills, stress management and anger/emotional management courses.

We aim to offer full support and go out-side the box to fit your needs.

Instructor Fee Cost

Dr. Martha – in person at your location (intended for up to 50 trainees)

$2500.00 per day, plus expenses or $1250.00 per half-day, plus expenses.

Teleconference  (intended for up to 25 trainees)

$2500.00 per day, or $1250.00 per half-day . Audio recording will be available by terms of use restrictions.


Average Consulting rate of $150.00 per hour.


Contract agreements are available.

Additional Fees may apply for trainers kit. Please ask for more information.
Thank you for your interest!
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