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Self-Regulation Therapies (TNG) Training

Self-Regulation Therapies TNG Self-Hypnosis | Psychological Self-Regulation Therapy Home-Study & Digital Therapist Aids

In this comprehensive home-study course you learn self-hypnosis at your own pace. You’ll discover strategies for clinical teaching relaxation therapy (pediatric-adult care). Practice hands-on exercises as you listen to audio exercises guiding you step by step.

By the end of this course you will learn a simple 3 step process for teaching self-hypnosis and will be setup with a media starter kit to start working virtually or in-person.  

Product is available by Manual and CD companion or digital download that includes audio's & PDF documents to ensure the best learning experience. For thousands of years this technique is recognized as a phenomenal evidence-based care method to help people prompt change, enhance cognitive memory & learning, heal emotional wounds, disengage habits, achieve goals & speed healing process.

TNG Program is a checklist for compliance mandate w/JCAHO, Veterans Administration, HFAP, American Osteopathic Association Accreditation Program.

Home-Study & Digital Therapy Aids
Download Includes:
Text transcript PDFs, MP3 audio files
Note: You will be sent an email with download instructions (62.5 MB storage needed)
Study when and where you want. Smartphone / tablet compatible.
Note: No Refunds

You Get: 

  Manual/Research eBook

  Workshops/Groups/Class Master Outline Templates
  Audio Exercises & Demo’s
  Therapist Aid Kit: audios, music, & patient handouts
  Compatible w/smartphones & tablets

Certification: Become a Licensed Provider Self-Regulation Therapies 

Must be 18 years and older for purchase.

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$450.00      $395.00

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Addons (optional)  

Phone Supervision (1 hours) Additional $170.00 Phone supervision provides certification as a licensed provider to use digital media for professional use. (Individual license, please call for group license)

Home-study is the starting point. Request Supervision and achieve licensed provider certification. Add’l $170 fee for 2 hrs phone supervision provides support, obtains certification & grants material licensing.

Training offers students & practicing therapists a practical approach to providing cognitive-behavioral relaxation therapies interventions. Dr Martha Watson, facilitator of PractitionerPro® programs, provides audio examples to illustrate the methods & techniques she introduces as well as data to support their effectiveness.

Self-Hypnosis: The Complete Manual and Therapist Toolkit for Health and Self-Change

Self-Regulation Therapy: Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Strategies for Clinical Teaching | Relaxation Therapy

Pediatric, Teen & Adult Care

psychological self-regulation therapy

Self-Regulation Therapies TNG

As an effective therapy in alleviating pain of childbirth, medical and dental surgery, burns, and accidental injuries, hypnosis is widely recognized by scientific research. Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy for relaxation therapies and pain relief is a noninvasive and natural remedy for a natural way of life. Self-Hypnosis, a powerful technique is combined with rapid techniques with extraordinary benefits for both personal and professional practice gain in Self-Regulation Therapy.

Digital Therapy Aids 

We suggest practicing relaxation behavioral therapy training techniques in-person & providing Self-Regulation Therapies TNG digital media therapies to tablets, Smartphone’s, and PC's for patient care support.

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Classical Hypnosis - Emotional Self-Regulation Therapies (TNG) Training

Home-Study Manual/CD include:

This Behavioral Relaxation Training program offers students and practicing therapists a practical approach to providing relaxation training (RT).

Self-Regulation Therapies - Classical Hypnosis (TNG) Training

Self-Hypnosis Emotional Self-Regulation Home-Study Training and Digital Therapist Kit
Self-hypnosis or autohypnosis is a modality, a procedure or result of hypnosis, that is self-induced, and typically makes use of self-suggestion.

Self-Regulation Therapies TNG - Self-Hypnosis Training

Those without licensure enroll with the understanding that it is the student’s responsibility to check the governing laws and requirements for their trade to determine the application of the training in professional practice.

If you are an individual interested in our training or an employer, healthcare facility, or training institution with an interest in providing Self-Regulation Therapies TNG Self-Hypnosis training for your organization, please call to learn more. In addition discover about our JCAHO, Osteopathic, and Veterans Administration compliance curricula programs to help you achieve high-score ratings. Staff training is available, please call (814) 662 - 5338 for more information.


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