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Modern Family Support offers educational programs offered through our Cognitive Education training division and in conjunction offers direct Neuroscience Coaching services

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A Natural Solution to Health and Wellness ...
Helping Individuals and Families

Discover activities and strategies to help cope and promote healing with health and reduce stress for yourself and your family members.

This section offers support to Modern Families through education and support by a frame of cognitive neuroscience. We offer educational programs, private services and FREE  support through our Dr Martha's Community. The services and education helps you better manage your Modern Family and Prompt Physical and Emotional Health by evidence-based methods. Discover Mindfulness Living through an educational style to make your life easier.

Teleconference Services

Dr. Martha will reach your home by telephone or video call and deliver an action plan to carry order and calm your desire regardless of your situation. You will see improvement following the very first call. If you schedule one coaching call or multiple sessions, Dr. Martha can help you fix the most stressful experiences you may face and provide you with activities, suggestions that are proven to help that prompt Health and Wellness.

What is Cognitive Neuroscience Coaching?

Evidence-based care approaches, strategies, activities and techniques to reduce stress, achieve behavioral responses and prompt health & wellness delivered through an educational approach. You learn the tools & get the results!
Find solutions to help you in relationships, restoring health, and coping with the challenges of today’s society. Learn skills that prompt change for yourself, loved ones and family members.
Change & Transition
Individual and Group
 Discover  Mindfulness Living

  • The Science of Relationships
  • The Missing Link in Healthcare
  • A Key to Living Life, The Way It Was Meant To Be! 
Coping with Hardships

Parents of Troubled Teens and Youth

Life Adjustment

Caregiver Support

Coping with Caring for Seniors

Health and Wellness
Clinical Expertise
What is Mind-Body?  Mind-Body Medicine focuses on the interactions between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health.
What is psychosomatic conditions & disorders? 95% OF DISEASE AND ILLNESS IS CAUSED BY STRESS. Therefore, most illnesses & disease is helped by mind-body medicine. 
The Science of Relationships
Rekindle Relationships, Mediator, Divorce Child Custody Coach, Collaborative Practice
Family Education, Tips, Tools and Support
SIGN UP FOR DR MARTHA'S COMMUNITY!  Watch for Special Webinar offerings that will help you cope with stress, rid pain and unwanted symptoms, learn how to raise healthy families in today's time, defeat the stress epidemic in violence (bullying) and gain parenting information with ideas for games, activities for kids, child development tools, parenting ideas & advice, raising and coping with relationships, families and children of disabilities.

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