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Evidence-Based Care Learning Formula:

Physiological, Social & Emotional Change Responses to Stress

Prevention - Intervention- Rehabilitation Education through Relaxation Training, Cognitive Restructuring, and Life Skills

PractitionerPro® Programs and Products are designed to deliver a strategy to;

  • Change the stressor
  • Change the interpretation of the impact of the stressor
  • Change the physical response to the stressor

PractitionerPro® program offers evidence-based skills and strategies to be effective in helping individuals prevent or reduce non-resourceful stress reactions. Multi focus applications; Preventative, Intervention and Rehabilitant tactic for; Individuals, healthcare needs and behavior modification.


The benefits of applying PractitionerPro® systems in circumstances are:

  1. The person is better able to choose an action and perception to improve the circumstance.
  2. The person recovers his or her emotional, physical health, self-esteem, self-confidence and remains self reliant during events.
  3. The person is better able to remain in situations and entered previously avoided areas to participate in social relationships without experiencing troublesome, stress-created consequences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will identify the sources that cause their stress reactions.
  • Students will identify and develop skill sets; emotional, social, physical, cognitive, physiological and behavioral responses and review their past reactions to stress producing situations.
  • Students will learn methods for changing their unproductive responses to troubling conditions.
  • Students will learn methods for restoring unproductive responses that are best course of action strategies resolving difficulties they are experiencing or have in the past.

Program products are designed to include visual learning pleasure for the; deaf, hearing impaired, disabled and language barrier groups.

PractitionerPro® Programs Utilize Evidence-Based Care

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT) 

Virtual reality therapy (VRT)

Stress Management

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Guided Imagery

Autogenic Training

Heart Coherence Breathing Skills

Communication Skills Training

Executive Functioning Skill Building

Executive function and self-regulation skills

A child will hold their breath when they are young when they get scared. As the stress component compounds and persists, the residual response affects the executive functioning skills development.

In order to reach our community members to start the regain of health, wellness and optimal functioning level, we feel it is imperative to focus on  evidence-based care stress management, executive functioning skill building  and self-regulation skills as a number-one top priority in component program offerings.

We are not born with these skills - we are born with the ability to develop them

Skill developments in children can be seriously impaired or delayed by influences of stress and absence of healthy relationships. Neglect, abuse, and or violence damages the brain development and development of executive function

“Providing the support that children need to build these skills at home, in early care and education programs, and in other settings they experience regularly is one of society’s most important responsibilities.” - The President and Fellows of Harvard College   read more here

We offer consultations, counseling therapy video programs with a main focus in stress management and building executive functioning skill levels. We feel this is the missing piece in therapeutic care. The evidence-based care is remarkable in outcome potentials.  Message from Our Founder; Martha Watson, PhD

Parenting Help Research & Tools                 Stress Management Research


Brief Therapy Resolution. PractitionerPro® Training (BTR) is evidence-based therapeutic video designed to be multi-purpose servicing all age's Children, Teens and Adults in behavioral health applications, including special needs, language difficulties, and hearing impaired individuals.

Therapeutic applications to help individuals are unlimited because of our focused evidence-based care applications to provide effective coping skills, stress management, and executive functioning skill building.

These skills provide individuals with self-regulating tools to prompt better choices in life to aid in areas such as substance abuse, behavioral health (diagnosis', ADD- ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, etc.) however, proficiently target  domestic-emotional abuse,  violence intervention,  prevention and rehabilitation.

The program is intended to be implemented in Youth, Adult Ministry Community Programs, Prison Ministry programs, Parenting Programs, Community Service Facilities - Agencies, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Criminal Justice (juvenile and adult), School’s (elementary, middle and high school), Health Education, and Behavioral Health facilities, special need institutions and organizations.

BTR effectively helps to reduce violence and other high risk behaviors.

BTR has not been evaluated specifically in terms of academic, behavioral outcomes. However, objectives and components comprising BTR have been linked in another research to positive emotional, physical health and educational outcomes.


Evidence-Based Care Evidence


Mindfulness: Mindfulness is another effective method that works to manage emotions. It has shown to significantly reduce an individual’s anger. Benefits include: Improved physical and mental health well-being, increased resilience for adaptability,  ability to manage stress. Contemplating Mindfulness: An Integrative Review Journal of Management January 1, 2016 42: 114-142 Mindfulness involves non-judgmentally observing the present moment or feeling (Wright, Day, and Howells, 2009). Mindfulness applied: Symptom Tracker and Worksheets - Handling Stress and Increasing Your Adaptability, Anger Control, Assertiveness Communication Skills, PractitionerPro® Relaxation videos and audios, PractitionerPro® instruction toolbox workbooks (patient/client and trainer/leader manuals)  

Techniques Learned:

Diaphragmatic Breathing: Prinsloo, Derman, Lambert, and Rauch (2013) studied how deep breathing affected the heart rate of participants that had stressed induced. In their study they found that the heart rate of participants in the study decreased. Participants that engaged in deep breathing became less stressed after the second stress induction.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Training: Multiple studies have shown evidence that PMR reduces stress. Nickel, Lahmann, Tritt, Loew, Rother, and Nickel (2005) conducted a study to test the effects PMR had on aggressive adolescents. The results showed that overall there was significant decrease in anger and stress

Guided Imagery: Research efforts directed at alleviating post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and other psychological ills found in life are improving the lives of countless people. Advances in cognitive, behavioral and medication therapies are growing at a steady rate. Please see Research Booklet.

Self-Hypnosis: Harvard University professor Herbert Benson found that both Meditation and Self-Hypnosis are effective in reducing anxiety (p=0.05) and lowering blood pressure (p=0.075).

Relaxation: A systematic review of all self-help treatments published in the Medical Journal of Australia reported that relaxation training had the “best evidence of effectiveness” for “generalized anxiety, panic disorder, dental phobia and test anxiety.”

Audios: In a study in which patients with anxiety problems were given Self-Hypnosis tapes, both anxiety and blood pressure showed significant reduction. A follow-up nine months later of as many subjects as were available showed that these desirable effects were still detectable to a significant degree.

Biofeedback-Heart Coherence, Heart Rate Variability Evidence-based care management with benefits aiding in depression, anger, anxiety, stress and improvement of executive functioning skills. Please see Booklet; Science of the Heart.

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