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Mindfulness Living Cloud Training 

Stress Management & Emotional Wellbeing

Discover online stress management and emotional wellbeing skills you need and discover a Mindfulness Way of Life . 


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$495.00 - (SAVE $75.00) Mindfulness Living Cloud Training with (3) one hour sessions combined with Mindfulness Living Online Center Tools. After we receive your payment, we will be happy to schedule your appointments. Call us after payment is made. Make an Appointment Today!

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$195.00 - Mindfulness Living Cloud Training (Self-guided) with FREE weekly calls with Dr  Martha.

*************   A thorough assessment is recommended. Depending upon needs, rates vary. Please call for interest. ( software support program is applied for Anger Management, Anxiety Coaching & Palliative Care)

Upon payment, you will receive an auto responder that includes your login information to the Mindfulness Living Cloud Training.  If you selected support/sessions with your Cloud Training and you have made payment, please call our office for scheduling (814) 662 – 5338.  9am to 4pm Eastern Time Monday – Saturday.

Mindfulness self-regulation behavioral therapies support a balance and mindfulness way of life.  The relaxation therapies are as old as time itself and the most effective ways for stress reduction, improving memory and cognitive function, managing chronic pain, ridding panic-anxiety attacks, helping stop unwanted symptoms of volatile behavior, ADD - ADHD, overcoming addictions, restoring your immune system,   autonomic nervous system balance, and if that’s not enough, a great tool  for spiritual development and creativity.

The practice of relaxation behavioral techniques leads you to mindfulness living. It is a   powerful holistic self-care management system to optimize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The skills are just 20 minutes a day, convenient technology you access by Smartphone’s, Pc’S, tablets and doesn’t require any special skills or training.

Add specialized start and request Dr Martha to tailor program to your needs for most effective evidence-based care applications and practices.

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Stress Management & Emotional Wellbeing  services works within a comprehensive framework to foster health learning environments through our online center that helps you manage symptoms better and function at your best in everyday life.
Discover a guide to help inspire you to regain optimal health, and enjoy life more than ever — get started now
Evidence-Based Methods (EBM) are natural vehicles for stress reduction and symptom management relief, prompting health and physical-emotional wellness.
We offer a program of education, and support to help you cope with stress, triggers and symptoms: Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief. Participants learn to relax physically and mentally. Learn how to stop the stress cycle, lessen stress symptoms, gain stamina, think clearer, act decisively and build immune system. Improving Mental and Emotional Health.

Mindfulness Living introduces you to relaxation practices that prompt mindfulness awareness. Mindfulness is a present focused state of acceptance. This is achieved by self-help worksheets, relaxation audios, relaxation videos and breathing techniques.

Mindfulness Living Cloud Training offers Stress Reduction that offers benefits in symptom relief


Provides relief from stress: physical, emotional, and physiological factors

Stress Management Training Concepts

Reduce 5 harmful effects, Stress reactions

Mental Distress (anxious, anxiety, memory impairment, worry, guilt, nervousness, moodiness, ADD - ADHD, or depression)

Physical Symptoms (high blood pressure, headaches, heartburn, stomach cramping, or nausea, difficulty breathing)

Unhealthy Habits (smoking, overeating, drug and alcohol abuse/ addictions, gambling or overspending)

Optimal Health Performance and Stamina (Problems concentrating, trouble learning new information, forgetfulness, disorganization or confusion, difficulty making decisions)

 Increased AROUSAL (Increased frustration and irritability, anger and frustration)

How to reduce stress reactions, what you learn to be able to:

  • Become aware initial signs of stress response
  • Establish stress management coping skills
  • Apply real time life applications

The Learning process in stress management training:

  • Identify an awareness of distress early signs and your reactions
  • Learn relaxation skills and apply visual and audio aides
  • Learn how to apply relaxation skills when you need them
  • Master communication skills, diaphragm abdominal breathing
  • Dive deep into self –help worksheets to transform stressors
  • Practice anywhere, anytime video or audio relaxation and/or imagery tools
  • Get self-help worksheets for transforming behavior
  • Develop problem solving skills, interpersonal skills and behavioral strategies to reduce the stress response.

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