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Our Mission & About Us

Martha Watson, PhD.
CEO, Personal  Growth Management
Consultant, Trainer, Author Insight Therapies:
A Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® and Whisper To Me Softly Series, Five published books and well over 30 psychoeducational programs.

Insight Therapies LLC and our publishing company, Personal Growth Management Inc. recognize the need for Healthcare Education. We recognize the need for scientifically accurate and relevant education in order to provide optimal care to community members and patients. We believe that we can have an important role in supporting the needs of our community members by providing Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® Anti-Bullying programs, Anti-Violence, Anger, Stress and  Psychoeducational Programs.

Through educational programs and material, PractitionerPro® delivers important evidence-based care practices to professionals and community members in the therapeutic areas of stress, behavioral modification, civility and interpersonal skills development in an effort to improve individual/patient outcomes.
We believe in the power of families, caregivers and parents, the strength,  influence on family, and the positive benefit effects' parents and caregivers  can bring to our society. We are unique to bring skills of Mindful Living,  evidence-based care practices that prompt intervention, recovery and rehabilitation to individuals and community leaders . We favorably support  parents, caregivers and First Responders combating hardships, challenges of stress and family raising.

Working in partnerships with our professionals utilizing our clinical knowledge and therapeutic non-violence, bullying and stress expertise programs, we strive in conjunction focus to community families, and members achieving a positive measurement for betterment for society in building a healthy, non-violent environment.

We welcome partnerships, interests, helping us achieve our mission to promote support to First Responders and Community Members: Parents, Caregivers, Family and Individuals to end the horrific consequences of stress.

Personal Growth Management Inc., (PGMI) Publishing Partner Company of ITLLC, is a privately-held publisher specializing in Behavioral and Social Science disciplines. Our expertise is structured digital content (interactive content for any platform) of Civility Workforce, Stress, Behavioral Anti-Violence interventions to change behaviors and improve employee workforce, individual conduct, and community health. PGMI is a leading publisher and distributor of digital and traditional publishing of training books, curricular resources, therapy materials and community health education. PGMI products are used by professionals, parents, and students around the world.


Our recognition in the community and healthcare industry.

JCAHO - HFAP Compliant - Veterans Administration

  • American Osteopathic Association Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) Standards 
  • Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
  • Veterans Administration

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