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Thank you for your interest in us! We are located in Erie, PA (Eastern Time)

The bulk of our practice is online. However, we do offer in-person appointments and come to you with additional fees.

We offer:  Evidence-Based Health Coaching, (Anxiety Panic Attack, Psychosomatic and Stress) Anger Management, Troubled Teens Help, Physician Disruptive Behavior, Relationship Coaching, Relaxation Therapies to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well being, Executive Coaching, Marital Mediation, Custody Divorce Coaching, & Parenting High Conflict Coaching. In addition, Dr Martha Watson offers Civility Management Solutions, Relaxation Therapies Training; HR management support, professional training, digital media programs and Therapy Aid products. Erie, PA and National Support.   

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If you are a new client, please complete the forms below.

New Client Forms

Request/Authorization for Release of Information

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If you are a new client , please complete your intake questionnaires.

Minor Intake Forms

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  • Child Intake Form (11 Years and Older)
  • Child Personal History Information (11 Years and Older, to be filled out by Minor Child)
  • Health History Questioner
  • Stress Symptom Checklist

Adult Intake Forms

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  • Adult Intake Form
  • Health History Questioner
  • Stress Symptom Checklist

If you are a new client for Marital Mediation,  please complete these forms  

If you are a new client for Mediation, please complete following form
Helpful Forms When Considering Divorce
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