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Hospital Employee Health and Well-Being | Stress Relief for Healthcare 

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Hospitals have a new dangerous cocktail in the workforce

Hospital Employee Health and Well-Being | Stress Relief for Healthcare
Stress Management Training provides robust solutions for your workforce  

The Stress Management Training in the Workplace training program delivers trademarked stress management tools that produce results for you and your organization. Through highly interactive learning employees apply stress management training tools to increase emotional intelligence (key skills managing emotions and improving relationships), work productivity, and decreased absenteeism-burn-out rate. The results you can expect is optimized performance, better health and improved employee relations.

Hospital Employee Health Software

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How Much Does it Cost? 


The Annual License includes 1 year access for one individual for the course and digital tools support .

Hospital Employee Health and Well-Being | Stress Relief for Healthcare 


This stress management and civility training program is written for all healthcare employees, clinical and non-clinical, and will benefit everyone in your organization.

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Managing Difficult Employees and Disruptive Behaviors
Employee Support combating Disruptive Behavior

Refer Your Employees to us: Disruptive Behavior Procedure - Human Resource Services

We Offer:

Disruptive Employee Behavior
Anger Management
Physician Disruptive Behavior Consultations
Executive Coaching | Senior Management Strategist Behavior Support

Anger Management Info: Meet Your Facilitator                                     

Dr Martha Watson, Insight Therapies LLC

Martha Watson, PhD, CAMS- II is a renowned anger management specialist, stress expert and creator of PractitionerPro® - cutting edge psychoeducational intervention training and programs that feature powerful approaches for non-violent living.


Anger Management Info: More about Our Founder

Martha Watson, PhD holds a strong combination of healthcare delivery, academic research, and clinical expertise in Behavioral Sciences focusing on behavioral and psychophysiological response associated with stress, cognitive analysis, assessment and care, program design and management, and therapeutic technique. Dr Martha, an Anger Management Specialist and Stress Expert, offers the latest evidence-based, scientifically proven practices to help you’re staff manage anger.

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Anger Management Classes are recognized by all courts and employers.

Hospital Employee Health Software

Purchase our software or refer to us for management.


Hospital Employee Health and Well-Being | Stress Relief for Healthcare

As a recognized provider of Anger Management Classes that are recognized by all courts and Employers. We set the standard marked by our expertise. Your facilitator Dr Watson is a distinguished Diplomat   NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-I, Specialist II.  The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) is  an international professional association (18 countries) for the field of anger management and related issues. ~~ USA | AE (armed forces in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Canada) | US Military Service BAHRAIN | BERMUDA | BRAZIL | CANADA | CHINA | CURACAO | GEORGIA | GREECE | JAPAN ISRAEL | ITALY | MEXICO | NEW ZEALAND | NIGERIA | PUERTO RICO | TURKEY | SINGAPORE UK

Anger Management Programs may or may not be employees’ responsibility for financial fees due. You can identify if you offer a tuition waiver for your employee programs to attend Community Based Corrections Disruptive Behavior, Anger Management classes. Please call for more information at (814) 662 – 5338.

Three substantial risks to

patient and employee

safety we can help you




Employee Stress & Burnout

Stress Relief for HealthCare
Stress Management Training for Workforce offers
 Valuable Tools Your Work Force Needs.

Avoiding this problem is essential to providing patients with quality care and protecting institutions from misfortunes.

  • Burnout has been directly linked to an increased risk of infections and poor patient outcomes for other conditions.

  • Incivility, Bullying & Workplace Violence:  Registered nurses reported 25% experienced being physically assaulted at work by a patient or a patient's family member, and (50%) Experienced bullying at work (42%) experienced bullying by someone with authority over them. (Source: Medscape)

  • The incidence of violence is greater than reported  because of inadequate reporting mechanisms and victims’ fear of isolation, embarrassment, and reprisal. (Source: American Nurses Association; ANA)
  • Incivility is not just happening in health care. 98% architects, coaches, lawyers, and physicians experienced incivility. (Source: January-February 2013 Harvard Business Review article)

 Hospital Employee Health and Well-Being | Stress Relief for Healthcare  

Workplace Violence, Bullying and Stress


One study calculated lost productivity related to workplace incivility at $11,581 per nurse annually.

Medical and social work staff have greater levels of mood disorders and other stress-related illness compared to employees in other fields.

Melamed S. Shirom A. Toker S, et al. Burnout and risk of cardiovascular disease: Evidence, possible causal paths, and promising research directions. Psychol Bull. 2006;132:327–353. [PubMed]

Unleashing Mindful Civility in Healthcare

Improve Civility, Respect, and Performance
 in the Workplace

With ....

Mindfulness Living

Online Center

Stress Management & Civility Training


Stress Reduction

Evidence-Based Care Multiple benefits

Improve Civility, Respect, and Performance in the Workplace

Mindfulness Living Managing Stress & Civility Cloud Training

Available by Streaming and or Digital Content Purchase

Hospital Employee Health and Well-Being | Stress Relief for Healthcare

Provides all staff with the skills, the parameters, the training and the support.
Built for adults but provides tools and resources for the whole family.
Imagine ... Support delivered easy through smartphones, tablets, PC'S 

Hospital Employee Health and Well-Being | Stress Relief for Healthcare Provides You With:
Stress Management Resources for Employees 



User Workbooks

Instruction Pamphlets 

Education Handouts 

Get Support Today! 

We offer a program of education, and support to help your members cope with stress, triggers and symptoms - Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief. Participants learn to relax physically and mentally. Learn how to stop the stress cycle, lessen stress symptoms, gain stamina, think clearer, act decisively and build immune system - Improving Mental and Emotional Health.

Benefits to Expect

Clinical Studies and Case Histories
Individuals with various medical conditions utilizing cardiac coherence techniques taught to your employees through our program  have experienced positive effects on the autonomous nervous system. Research results prove that the following conditions are improved.


 This offering is a Compliance Mandate program for JCAHO Administration, Veterans Administration and OSHA 

We help you increase your scores
We maximize a solution to save cost of infrastructure, build morale, fulfill compliance mandates, and capture lost revenue. Stop the number one health concern (civility & stress) in the workforce and community with one program ...  

You can help change the consequences of harmful effects of stress in society by providing Stress Relief For Health Care  –  Call Us Today! Start Your Program!

Martha Watson PhD  - Insight Therapies , LLC

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 READ Bottom Line Benefits
Go Paperless with PractitionerPro®,

an innovative Healthcare program that meets multiple needs.

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Hospital Employee Health and Well-Being | Stress Relief for Healthcare

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