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Purchase our digital media program, or refer to us. Staff Training, Management Services, Education Consultant and services for employees that include: Anger Management Specialist, Health and Wellness Consultant, Physician Disruptive Behavior Specialist, and Executive Coaching available to our partners. 


Get PractitionerPro® Digital Media visual, audio, learning application, and thinking exercises. Provide your customers or employees with these powerful tools and/or start an online Membership web-based solution.

Telehealth Leader

Telemedicine Center 

Telehealth Leader  

Digital Tools for Health Leaders

Built for: Small Business - Anger Management Specialists, Hypnotherapists, Coaches, Health Educators

Telemedicine Civility Center 
Telemedicine Software                        Therapy Management Software

Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools for Behavioral Health Services.

Built for: Individual & Group Practices - Mental Health Counselors

Structured Engagement  Content  Built for: Companies: Hospitals, Clinics, EAP Providers, Employers, MCO’s, Schools, Universities, Community Centers,  First Responder Organizations, Veterans, Community Groups, Criminal Justice Employees, Rehabilitian Treatment Centers  


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Leader | Therapist Aid and Training
Certification, Therapy Worksheets, Tools, and Handouts
Anger Control Workbook 
Anger Control
 Tips and Techniques for Getting Anger Under Control
Anger Control Workbook
Handling Stress Workbook 

       Handling Stress    


   Manage Stress Workbook

Handling Stress Workbook
PractitionerPro® Licensed  Provider
Certification Training   Program 
           Stress  Management             

                Wellness Coach

              Comprehensive Starter Kit  


  Prerecorded Lectures & Exercises Business & Workshop Portfolio  
Certification Licensed Provider Training

Guided Imagery  Training For Leaders

How to Do Guided Imagery 

Professional Communication Dialogue

Guided Imagery Certification

Quick Stress Relief. The First Core Conflict Resolution Skill

Prerecorded Lectures & Exercises Business & Workshop Portfolio  
Guided Imagery Certification

Autogenic Training for  Leaders

How to Do Mindfulness Techniques, Clincial Skills
Autogenic Training  Certification

Mindfulness Techniques for Awareness, Meditation & Self-Hypnosis for Reducing Stress
Prerecorded Lectures & Excercises Business & Workshop Portfolio 
Autogenic Certification Training 
Leaders Trainers Manual / Workshop
Teaching Children Foundations of Life Skills, Anger Management & Coping Skills

Leaders Program / Workshop

Activities & Games 

       Our Children’s Workshop  

    Building “Healthy Foundations“

6 to 10 yrs. old

     Coping with Explosive Behavior       Building Emotional Health Foundations

Intervention & Health Promotion

Leaders Program / Workshop

Activities & Games 

 Working with 6 to 10 year olds

Healthy Foundations Leaders
Counseling and Therapy | Leader Programs and Products 

CBT Counseling Therapy Video, Anti-Bullying Video Program, Deaf and Hearing Impaired Bullying Prevention Program, Relaxation Therapy Aids: Video & Audio

Calm Kids or Teen/Adult
Relaxation Guided Imagery Series 
Calm your body. Cleanse your mind. Revive your spirit. Journey into a listening pleasure and find soothing relief for life’s challenges providing you with a refreshed mind-body and soul relaxing adventure.

Leader | Therapist Streaming Aid 

Deep Relaxation Audio
Guided Imagery & Relaxation Music
Series includes Audio & hypnotic music.

MP3 Download & Instruction Pamphlet

 Select child or teen/adult for instruction pamphlet.
Helps with Managing Emotions and Coping

The Guided Imagery audio healthcare education is a product beneficial to individuals, and managed care organization management team professionals.
Guided Imagery Series. Calm Kids or Teen/Adult 
Price XXX
Guided Meditation | Guided Imagery and Visulaization Series
Relaxing nature scenery for meditation series

Leader | Therapist Streaming  Aid

Soothing Guided Imagery Relaxing Nature Videos Series

As a special bonus, the series includes an optional choice of guided meditation soundtrack with music, nature scenes and brain wave frequencies to achieve optimal mental functioning.

Designed specifically for healing of the mind, body and spirit. This cognitive retaining aide will help achieve more positive and optimistic thought patterns. Well suited for those suffering with stress, anxiety , and those seeking coping skills, and emotional growth.

Series has narration (or not) for multiple areas of use applications: Medical Health, Mental Health, Individual Use, Childbirth, Waiting Rooms, Telehealth, and Hospital Educational TV Programs.

Medical Benefits include added boost to immune systems combating PTSD, disease, mental illness, and recovery of surgery. The video without narritive is perfect for special needs, tranquility visualization aides childbirth, helping with depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

Relaxation Video Series 
Counseling Therapy Video 
Children / Teen / Adult
Leader | Therapist Streaming Aid

This program is a great call to action and is applicable to a wide range of service needs and training areas.

The application of virtual-reality technology in the areas of rehabilitation and therapy continues to grow, with reassuring results being reported for programs that address human physical, cognitive, and psychological functioning.

State-of-the-art effective tools for behavioral interventions simultaneously create solutions for a victim and “bullying” predator – aggressor, rehabilitant interventions and strengthen life skills learning aptitudes. This therapeutic healthcare educational series provides a program to prompt self-esteem development, healthy life skills, as well as addressing bullying and other forms of violence.

Counseling Therapy Video Package Contains:

  • (1) DVD for children ages 10 and under
  • (1) DVD for children 11+
  • (1) DVD for adults and adolescents
  • Story-book Handbook
  • Coloring Book
  • Audio CD
  • Mind Scrabbles (CD-PDF)
  • Crossword Puzzles (CD-PDF)

Program can be used by correctional institutions, health care providers, special educational programs, community re-entry facilities, mental health and residential treatment centers, the hearing impaired; basically any and all professionals in therapeutic applications to prompt personal growth and life skill building.

Counseling Therapy Video Package
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Digital Media Series 
Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools
Stress Management Patient Care

Dive deep into a natural remedy for life’s challenges. Whether you are about to have a medical procedure (operation) or suffer from hardships, disease, illness or stress, this imagery hypnosis audio will caress you like a day at the beach! Improve your breathing, attitude and health, Increase your immune system, gain physical/emotional pain relief and disengage symptoms from anywhere from stress, anxiety to disease. Lay back and gently allow the power of Guided Imagery, Progressive Relaxation & Meditation to optimize
your wellness and health!

Leader | Therapist Streamlining Aid

Stress Management Patient Care Program

Attention: product NOT sold for public use

The healthcare education audio series is a product beneficial to individuals, and managed care organization management team professionals.

Stress Mangement Patient Care 

Clinical tools, training & resources 

Programs : A Curicluim for Non violent Living 
Evidence-Based Practices Inclusive Series: Child/Teen/Adult Programs
 Harm reduction is an umbrella term for interventions aiming to reduce the problematic effects of behaviors. Although harm reduction was originally and most frequently associated with substance use, it is increasingly being applied to a multitude of other behavioral disorders.
Digital Media Platform Programs
Purchase our software or refer to us (employee assumes fee for services) and we will manage your complete Civility Workforce Program.
Health and Wellness 
Purchase our software or refer to us (fee based upon employee assure amount) and we will manage your complete Health and Wellness Program.

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