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Insight Therapies, LLC


Parent Education Provider FOR Criminal Justice & Behavioral Health 

& Child Specialist Mentoring

Helping Kids Adjust and Cope - Kids Health (adjustment, separation, divorce, loss, death or bereavement)


 workforce, healthcare & school programs

Natural Remedies

Alternative Care Depression,ADD-ADHD

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

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Pediatric, Youth & Adult Pregnancy & Early Motherhood Welcome to Insight Therapies LLC

Holistic Medicine Mind-Body Expert Healing Expert 

Training & Digital Media Kits

for healthcare, workforce, virtual office 

Stress Relief 
Anger Management
Relaxation Therapies Welcome to Insight Therapies LLC Welcome to Insight Therapies LLC Welcome to Insight Therapies LLC

Stress Relief, Breathing Exercises & Mindfulness Living  Classes Welcome to Insight Therapies LLC

Manage Stress & Emotions      

  • Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention
  • Postpartum Depression - Prevention
  • COPD, Respiratory, Anxiety Breathing Exercises
  • Anger, Impulsive Behaviors
  • Mind/Body Intervention for Health
  • Health & Wellness
  • Spirituality, Health & Healing

Professional Relaxation Therapies Training

Dr Martha's Community
 Instructional and Support Groups

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Holistic Health, Manage Stress

Balance Emotions &  Build Healthy Relationship & Family Skills

Stress Relief Kit
Simple Practices for Daily Life


ABOUT US:  Stress, Anger, Violence Bullying

Behavioral Intervention & Exercises: Relaxation Training  (Professional Training & Community Support)

We train Substance Abuse Counselors, Behavioral Health Counselors, Coaches, Respiratory Therapists, Community and Health Leader’s psychoeducation evidence-based therapy program interventions that focus on stress, Cognitive-behavioral stress management, anger, violence, and bullying interventions. We are a multidiscipline team member providing school and workplace Anger Management Programs. We work in conjunction with health professionals providing aftercare, recovery and symptom management community classes; Stress Relief, Breathing Exercises and Mindfulness. Additionally, Insight Therapies offers family education, support groups and consulting services to those facing life crises, transitions, and challenges at different stages of the life cycle.
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