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We offer: health education therapy products and community health education services.

Welcome to products and services designed to assist you in –home, through digital devices, and On-line Support. We are social and emotional Health Experts, trainers & providers of therapists’ products, digital therapy aids and community health education programs.

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Integrative Medicine Holistic Health Care Services - Natural Remedies for a Natural Way of Life  |  Scientific Method (Evidence-Based Care) Solutions For Behavioral Health  |  Erie, Pa & National Support

We train professionals interventions for stress, anger, violence and bullying and provide family services support to community members.

Health Education Expert: Dr Martha Watson is an Anger Management Specialist, Stress Expert, Relaxation |  Mind-Body Specialist , Professional & Community Educational Trainer and Consultant. Dr Martha is an authority to offer support for:mind-body-spirit – Health & Happiness Specialist

Family Support Services: Marital Mediation, Anxiety Coaching, Anger Management, Caregiver Coach, Divorce Coach,  Divorce Custody Coach, Parenting Coach, Mind/Body Specialist, Stress Expertise including Psychosomatic/ Somatoform Expert

Health Expertise & Health Therapy Products includes areas of psychosomatic, somatoform disorders, non-pharmacological pain management, stress reduction, behavioral relaxation approaches: respiratory difficulties and breathing disorders, high-conflict, high-stress, and anger management court/employee/school ordered classes. We work with hospitals, healthcare, counselors, Allied Health & Medical/Mental health professionals including employers, schools, courts, immigration/physician/criminal law lawyers, collaborative practice, medical malpractice insurance carriers and community members. Services are offered with a family focused approach. Mind-Body is a natural approach to healing the body and mind.

  Discover the PractitionerPro® Health Education

Mindfulness Tools for

Stress Relief & Emotional Health

and Wellness 

Health Education & Health Education Therapy Products: Find relaxation, behavior, memory and focus enhancement exercises and Psychoeducation/Psychoeducational Interventions for health and wellness. Join us to release mental and emotional distress, disruptive behavior, deteriorating mental capacity, rid physical ailments, pain, develop coping & stress reduction skills and relaxation techniques including Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation (panic control & breathing retraining- relaxation techniques to help ease breathing).

Physical Health Education & Wellness

Community offerings include Relaxation Therapy including panic/anxiety coaching, Palliative Care (alleviate symptoms & improve the quality of life), pain management, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Training Relaxation techniques for senior/elder care and caregiver support.

Common symptoms: problem eating, sleeping, breathing, anxiety panic attacks, chronic fatigue, mental/behavioral deterioration and pain. We assist those facing aging, disease and complications, and side effects of treatment. We are a fit for those facing unknown causes, heart transplants, cardiac and respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal specialist, oncology and pulmonary care,Including death-and-dying.

Spiritual Care: Spiritual-well-being, Spiritual Care, Spirituality and Personal Growth Empowerment

Emotional Health Education

Emotional Health | High-Stress / High-Conflict

In addition, we offer stress management, defiant student behavior management, physician disruptive behavior, executive coaching, court/employer/school ordered anger management, high-risk violence anger assessments, high-conflict marital mediation, and support high-stress work performance careers.

Health Education Therapy Products : A Framework for Cognitive Interventions We teach cognitive-behavioral and psycho-educational approaches to professionals combined with Health Education Therapy products sharing our mission to combat psychosocial stressors, end violence, and bullying (behavioral health, positive parenting, and character education).

Dr Martha is a Mindfulness Living Expert. She has been noted as a well renowned Mind-Body Expert and spiritual teacher.

She offers services, education, teacher training's, and products with practical focus applications to improve and balance Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Health. Join us to improve health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

Make the Mind-Body connection and discover the missing link in healthcare, find relief, comfort, and education.

Appointments are available by telephone conference, in-person, on-site and in-home . Call us today! (814) 662 - 5338

Please enjoy learning about us!

Dr Martha Watson is the author, program founder of PractitionerPro® and Therapy Resolution® Psychoeducation/Psychoeducational EBP (evidence-based practices) interventions. Health Education Therapy Products, Therapist aids, software, counseling therapy videos, and digital media programs that include Stress Management, Professional Relaxation Training, Guided Imagery, Autogenic Training, Anti-Bullying, Anger Management, Violence Intervention for children/teens/adults, Positive Parenting and Promoting Children's Social, Emotional and Behavioral Health for raising 6 to 9 year old's.

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